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Yangshuo Lotus Cave

Guilin, the spokesman of South China Karst, boasts a wealth of rolling Karst peaks, unexplored underground caverns, intricate watercourses as well as weathered fishing villages. It is a place to get overwhelmed by the dramatic landscape, to be carried away by the laid back atmosphere, to sample colorful festivals as well as to embark on rocking climbing or cave adventure. 

Six km northeast of Xingping Ancient Town sits Lotus Cave, another lesser-known yet especially beautiful site. Stretching 481m long, 38m high and 25m at its width, it houses a substantial number of stalactites. Compared to Reed Flute Cave and Seven Star Park, Lotus Cave is smaller, yet is not less captivating, largely due to the 108 limestone plates. After entering the narrow entry, one will be spellbound by 108 limestone plates spreading over the crystal water like lotus leaves. Dotted with numerous limestones pearls resembling morning dews, these limestone basins are vivid and lifelike. This scene known as “ the Spectacle of Lotus Pond”, is a highlight of this cave whose beauty simply goes beyond description.

Look upward, the dome of this cave also promises surprises: cluster of limestone formations form a giant lotus blossom, which is very gorgeous and impressive. Advancing 100 m from the entrance, you will find two stone slots snaking their ways into the bottom of this caves, which is referred as“ Two Dragons Creeping out the Cave” by locals. Inside of this cave hides a pool of unfathomable depth, which flows out of this cave through a secret watercourse. What makes it special is that the crystal spring keeps bubbling joyfully all year around.

Lotus Cave safeguards her secret and beauty during the past millennia until in the 1960s when a group of scientists embarked on the rehabilitation project of Yangshuo. One professor ventured into this cave after hearing of its charm. Guided by locals and aided by torches, he stepped into this wonderland. It was the middle of April, the water level in this cave was sufficient high. When the limestone plates popped up into his eye, he gazed with wide-open month and eyes. After reaching home, he composed an essay on this amazing site and renamed it from Fudi Cave to Lotus Cave. Since then, the fame of Lotus Cave started to spread far and wide.
Admission Fee: 70 ¥

Opening Period: 8:00am to 18:00pm (updated in 2013)
lotus cave
 lotus cave
 lotus cave
 lotus cave
lotus cave
 map of yangshuo lotus cave

 Map of Lotus Cave: click to enlarge

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