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Yangshuo Silver Cave

Guilin is a land blessed with sublime Karst topography and engaging tribe culture. Above the ground, countless dramatic peaks and sleepy fishing hamlets reign while under the earth, caves and rivers dominate.
silver cave
Silver Cave

From the most famous to the least-known, Guilin has a wide spectrum of caves promises not only visual feast but also mind-blowing experience. From nature funs and photographers to thrill-seekers, people of all interests can seek a piece of paradise here. Hailing from Yangshou, Silver Cave(银子岩) stands out as the biggest Karst cave spotted by far in Guilin. It runs through 12 peaks and gets its name from an ocean of sparkling stalactites and stalagmites. Thanks to it, a reservoir will disappear overnight, or a giant sinkhole will pop up. I have explored China Top Six Caves already. Silver Cave is not the longest, biggest or best-equipped, but regarding the number and diversity of limestone formations, it can rival the rest.
silver cave yaochi fairyland

Silver Cave consists of an upper cave, a middle cave and a giant hall.
The upper two layers belong to dry land while the lower is only accessible by boat. An underground river emerges from nowhere and loses its way amid the labyrinth of rocks, light and color. Its water is crystal-clear, and you can discern fish in it easily.
yangshuo silver cave
 Silver Cave is so charming that even after you visited Reed-Flute Cave, Seven Star Cave and the less famous Yangshuo Lotus Cave, you will still be surprised and inspired.

Many interesting names are given to prominent sights, such as Longsheng Rice Terraces, the Great Wall and Huaqing Pool (the deluxe swimming pool of Yang Guifei, one of the Top Four Beauties of ancient China). Among all the wonders, “Three Wonders” and “Three Treasures” are super stars and promise great photograph opportunities.

Top Three Wonders of Silver Cave

Cascading Waterfall Draping from Snow Mountain: measuring over 20-m long, the sheer size and beauty of this stalactite won’t fail to impress you. Against the light, it looks like a giant silver waterfall cascades from above. This wonder exemplifies stalactites of various ages, from cradle to candle. Snow white when young, they will darken when mature. During their prime age, they will adopt a tinge of yellow, while in twilight age, they will become grayish yellow or even grayish-black.
yangshuo silver cave

Music Screen: consisting of limestone pieces of various thickness and sizes, it is the best developed stone screen in guangxi. Knocked gently, it will produce a surreal and fabulous sound, hence the name.
yangshuo silver cave
 Music Screen

Yaochi Fairyland: in this site, you can stare into a mirror-like pool to marvel at the mirage of stalactites and stalagmites. This pool gives them depth and an impenetrable feeling.
silver cave yaochi fairyland
Yaochi Fairyland

Top Three Treasures of Silver Cave

Buddha Delivering a Lecture: if you unleash imagination a little bit, you can see a Giant Buddha is delivering a lecture and his followers are all ears.
yangshuo silver cave
 Buddha Delivering a Lecture
yangshuo silver cave
 Buddha Delivering a Lecture

Hunyuan Pearl Umbrella: bigger in both ends, it is thin in the middle and bears great similarity to a folded umbrella. Legend has it that this umbrella can subdue evils.
However, scientists hold less romantic view and are still working on come up with a rational explanation.
silver cave hunyuan pearl umbrella
Hunyuan Pearl Umbrella

One Column Piecing into the Sky: incorporating grandeur and exquisiteness, this soaring column is an awe-inspiring spectacle. Above its surface, many minor “teeth” sprout up.
yangshuo silver cave
 One Column Piecing into the Sky

Encircling Silver Cave is a world of exuberant hills interspersed with sprawling peach forests, quaint villages and rolling rice paddies. One can enjoy the idyllic settings and laidback atmosphere through numerous ways, such as cycling, hiking, bamboo rafting, hot air ballooning and canoeing.

The whole year in Silver Cave is fuelled with colorful festivals like Chesnut Festival, Lipu Taro Cuisine Festival, Cycling Contest and rock-climbing activity.

Lipu Taro Cuisine Festival
: a kind of taro native to Lipu is very delicious. (It is the most delicious taro I ever eat). There will be a Taro Contest during which the best one will be entitled as the king.( In 2010, a 4.4kg taro was honored as the king). Besides, you can enjoy over 100 courses of snacks and dishes made out of Lipu Taro.

Opening hour: 8:30-17:30
Advised tour hour: 2 hours
Address: Maling Town, Lipu County, Guilin
Best Travel Season: April to October
yangshuo silver cave

Get in:
Guilin to Lipu County:
Long Distance Bus: operation hour: 7:00-14:00 issued time: each 20 minutes Time on the journey: 2 hours Fee: 9¥(around one dollar)
High Speed Bus: Fee: 25¥(around 3 dollars, it is negotiable)

Yangshuo to Lipu County: 8:30-16:30 shuttle bus
yangshuo silver cave
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