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absolutechinatours strongly recommend you let us arrange a transfer at least from the airport or hotel to the ship for the embarkation, because it's not easy to find the right dock for the ship. Each ship has a different dock and it often changes.
Cruise Company
Blue Whale

Ship Company: CSC Cruises

Ship : Blue Whale


Upstream :Chongqing - Yichang

Downstream : Yichang - Chongqing

Blue Whale

Sailing Schedule (2020)
No price for this month
Blue Whale
The M.S. Blue Whale is the only ship on the Yangtze outfitted with blue tinted glass allowing you to peer into bright skyy and hidden vistas. All the while getting a detailed narration from a near by River Guide, who is a step away to answer your questions. It was made based on the standard of 5-star sightseeing ships and aim at catering to the international growing need of comfort, convenience and security. This ships is 91.5 meters long and 16.4 meters wide with 5 decks and the capacity of 148 persons. Besides 6 luxury suites and 69 standard rooms, the ships have dining hall, bar, view hall, gymnasium, multifunctional meeting room, beauty saloon, clinic, business center and shop. The ships are also equipped with center air conditioner, satellite TV and radio system which enable the communication with outside to be quite convenient.
Cruise Specifications:

. Year Built: 1996

. Length: 96.5m

. Beam/Width: 16m

. Draft: 2.7m

. Speed: 20km/h

. Crew: 115

. Total Passengers: 208

. Standard Cabin: 99

. Deluxe Suite: 3

. President Suite: 1

. Total Cabins: 103

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