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Why choose Transfers
absolutechinatours strongly recommend you let us arrange a transfer at least from the airport or hotel to the ship for the embarkation, because it's not easy to find the right dock for the ship. Each ship has a different dock and it often changes.
Cruise Company
China Regal

Ship Company: China Regal Cruises

Ship : China Regal


China Regal

Facilities onboard:

Central Air Conditioning


Dinning rooms – Chinese & Western

Multipurpose Rooms


Bar / Café

Business Center – Internet, Fax, Coping, Printing, International Telecom

Gift shop

Beauty Salon


Massage room

Observation decks – outside / enclosed


Health Clinic

Children’s playroom

Conference Hall

Meeting Rooms

Card Room

Games Room

Smoking Room


Live entertainment

Dancing / Disco

Banquet Hall

Service Desk with Safety Deposit

Sun deck

In China Regal, there are Western and Chinese cuisine in both restaurants, including provincial gourmet dishes from various regions of China.The Emperor's Dining Room offers elegant dining, and the Golden Pavilion Restaurant provides buffet style meals. Room service is 24-hours.


Health Clinic

Fitness Room

Reading room


Phone calls and faxes

Chit Payment Method

Credit Cards

Money Exchange

Activities onboard:
Typical activities include: sightseeing narration, presentations on Chinese medicine, music, dance, opera, arts, language, lessons in Tai ji, Majiang or other card games, Special briefings on Yangtze region geology/history and water conservancy & hydropower projects, Special videos on dams, history, art, plus movie feature films, outdoor events on sundeck, etc.
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