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President No.3 (Splendid China)

Ship Company: President Cruises

Ship : President No.3 (Splendid China)


President No.3 (Splendid China)

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President No.3 (Splendid China)
President No.3, also known as Splendid China, is a 4 star deluxe cruise boat offers the finest and a wide range of services and amenitie. It is one of the best cruise ships on the Yangtze River. Its design and decoration of imperial court style of Ming and Qing Dynasty reflects the style of ancient Chinese architecture. For President No. 3’s unique traditional Chinese palace external look, you will never forget it once you see this ship. Equipped with the world advanced engine, generator and air-conditioning system made in the US, the ship boasts for her stability, low noise, safety and comfort. Former Chinese Premier Li Peng chose this ship for his journey to the Three Gorges.
Cruise Specifications:

. Year Built: 1994

. Gross Tonnage: 4780T

. Length: 91.8m

. Beam/Width: 16.8m

. Draft: 2.6m

. Speed: 32km/h

. Passenger Decks: 5

. Total Passengers: 168

. Standard Cabin: 81

. Deluxe Suite: 1

. President Suite: 2

. Total Cabins: 84

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