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absolutechinatours strongly recommend you let us arrange a transfer at least from the airport or hotel to the ship for the embarkation, because it's not easy to find the right dock for the ship. Each ship has a different dock and it often changes.
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Services on the ship
Luggage Service

Arriving in the departure port, travelers should paste each luggage with their own name labels. Travelers’ luggage will be moved by baggage carriers who take charge of moving your luggage into your cabins. But this service is charged, each luggage is 15 RMB. There is no limit to the luggage, and in guest rooms of cruises, there are the luggage racks. There is also the luggage consignation service. If the room is smaller, travelers can consign the luggage to the reception. The luggage of team travelers can be directly moved into cruises under the connection between travel agencies and the cruises. The luggage of travelers could be moved into cruises ahead of time or at the same time that travelers go aboard. When the travelers’ rooms are confirmed, the staff on cruises will help the traveler move luggage into their rooms respectively. There are generally no free services for moving individual travelers’ luggage. If they need, they can pay the movers 2 US dollars per luggage.

Laundry Service

4 hour professional laundry service with an acceptable price is available on board. Usually, travelers who visit in China more than 10 days put their clothes on board. It is the good time to wash the clothes during this time. The mechanical wet-cleaning and manual dry-cleaning and the weaving and darning service are also available. Generally, customers who sent the unwashed clothes in the morning can receive the well-cleaned clothes in the afternoon.

Guest-Room Meal Service

Usually, the dining time on board is regular, and all the travelers have meal together. The travelers who want to take meal in their own guest rooms should book the meal they want ahead of half a day or one day. If travelers who want to eat the unique food should have advance booking when they go aboard. Such a service is unavailable on the day that guests leave the cruises.

Calling service

Travelers who need wakening service or activities can inform the broadcasting office.

Shoe-Cleaning Service

Some service is free of charge, but some are not.

VIP Service

The flowers, fruits and some other necessities are presented to the important guests.

Massage Service

Massage service in guest room is charge in general, 15-20 US dollars per hour. In some cruises, there is the customer service center, and it functions for 24 hours. In some small cruises, there is also the related service; generally the servants are available when the travelers dial the fixed telephone number of the general reception center.

Guest Room Distribution

The rooms on board are distributed in advance based on the basic information of tourism team travelers and individual travelers. The workers will guarantee the relevant rooms that travelers booked are equally equipped and decorated. However, it is difficult and complicated for cruise staff to adjust your room after you go aboard because it is closely connected to the whole arrangement and may cause the large change of each traveler’s room.

We guarantee we offer the best service we can, and we will equally treat every traveler on aboard. Please select the room you prefer when you plan to book the rooms on cruises. The guest rooms on board are all comfortable and well-decorated. The different price of different room is decided by the difference of affiliated facilities and decorations. Our suites and the small-size suite are larger than the standard guest room, and in the suites, there are bathtubs and small bar counter with refrigerator and other special equipments.

Electricity, Facilities and Services

Electricity 220V is used all over China so that your electric appliances should labeled with this, and most of the cruise ships are equipped with 220V except some high star-graded ones with 110V. Adaptors should be used in such situations. With the exception of electric shaver, all usages of appliance should be informed to the ship management staff for safety reason. Some five-star cruises provide hair driers. Electric iron usage is prohibited on board.

Beauty Parlors and Supermarket There are on the cruise beauty salons and supermarkets for passenger use. In considering the payment convenient, the services and purchases are charged included in the service fee.

Laundry Dry cleaning and ironing services are provided by on board professional personnel and equipments. Round the clock laundry service with supply of laundry bags and lists for noting down stuff needed to be cleaned in guest rooms. Guests should put all the clothes in the bags, write down the required items on a list, and hang them on the handle outside door before 9am. The cruise staff will come, collect and count your items. The number of items is counted under the standard set by the cruise. If there is any special requirement, clothes should be sent to the service counter.

Library The library and information center can be used free of charge and it is convenient for you to borrow books, journals and magazines. Any kind of your favorite books you would like to dedicate to the library are warmly welcomed.

Professional Photography Professional photographers are hired on board. Charges are different depending on how many stars has the cruise ship been graded.

Postal Service There are Postal Service Cards available in the information center so that you can post your mails after disembarking. Hand your letters to the management staff is not recommended because the sending them on time is not guaranteed.

Church Service On some Yangtze River Cruise ships, Catholic Masses and Buddhist rituals to be held that cater people with different religious beliefs. For instance, a Buddhist house is situated in the President Cruise Snow Mountain.

Safe Deposit Safe boxes for storing personal valuables are located in the general service desk on every cruise ship. It is reminded that the cruise will not responsible for any losses caused by passengers who have not stored their valuable belongings in the safes.

Child Care Quality child care and entertainment-playground services are provided. Nursery service is designed for children age below 3 years but not to use napkins. To use this advance booking and extra fee are needed. Baby food and napkins should be prepared by parents.

Tour Schedule Tour schedule will be printed and sent to all guest rooms after the dinner at the first night of the Yangtze River Cruise. The daily routine on the cruise includes three meals per day, sightseeing tours to famous sites, and interesting lectures. A welcoming party and an appreciation party will be held to honor the guests on board on the first night and the last respectively of the Yangtze Cruise, hosted by the captain. There will also be seeing the crossing the ship lock on the Yangtze River, and viewing the magnificent Three Gorges. Almost all activities on board including morning call and meals will be noticed by audio broadcasting in advance.

Business Service The business center has facilities such as long distance domestic/international telephones, fax, computers, printers and copiers. If there is any need please contact the information desk.

Room Most guest rooms on any Yangtze River Cruise ship are standard with several kinds of stylish rooms such as presidential suite, luxury room, single room and special room. Certain guest rooms on higher star-graded ships have small refrigerators and estaminets (small bars) with beer and soft drinks (not for free). Passengers can have a tour to guest rooms when entering the cruise ship. If wanting the guest room to be upgraded, please go and consult to the service/information counter. Please contact service personnel if any installation has malfunction.
Morning Call Music morning call is broadcasted to all rooms to wake passengers in the morning. If you like to have morning call at time other than the regular one, you could apply the special service at the service desk. Cruise ships can provide telephone morning call service.

Cleaning Service Cruise servants will clean your room at the time of breakfast and dinner. If not asked to change sheets and pillow covers, the staff will not change them daily for environmental protection reason. Used towels in the bathroom are to be changed every time servants visited. They might help you to tune the television and to open the windows.

Delivery Service Booking is needed for catering delivery services to rooms. Menus are available at the service counter.

Bar Bars on board the Yangtze River Cruise ships serve beer, red and white wine, VSOP, XO, and cocktails, also several sorts of coffee, tea, fruit juice and soft drinks. Snacks such as sandwich, cake, and ice-cream will be available too. Bars are great for leisure and friend gathering, also excellent for holding birthday party or wedding anniversary celebration. Entertainment and dance performances will be given in the bar's ballroom at night.

Telephone and Fax Services
GMS provides high quality telephone service all along the itinerary of the Yangtze River and Three Gorges, with some portions CDMA mobile phone signal is available. You can easily contact your close friends and loved ones overseas during your tour. On board the Yangtze River Cruise ship, satellite telephone can be used in your room conveniently communicating people around the world. However, some cruise ships have no in-room satellite telephone services available, international phone calls can only be done in the business center.
The business center could have services such as international telecommunication, telegram, and facsimile, as well as business service facilities included copy machine, computer, slide projector, and typewriter for renting use. Secretary Service is provided on request. Some higher class cruise ships have specialized equipped conference rooms with simultaneous interpretation service, which is very easy for holding a small scale international meeting. If passengers would like to hold a meeting on board, booking in advance is recommended because the Yangtze Cruise ship would reply you whether the staff could arrange spaces and other relevant issues. For early fixing venue, preparing decoration, catering services and required fees, booking is also needed when you like to hold a personal party with your friends or relatives on the cruise.