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Huangling Temple

Huangling Temple

Huangling Temple

  is located in the mid-reaches of Xiling Gorge in Yangtze River. Originally known as Cattle,

Cattle Temple and Cattle Ling Temple

, Huangling Temple is the only well-preserved ancient building groups. Among the ancient buildings, Yuwang Hall is the center for commemorating Da Yu who made great contribution to the flood control. A large number of important sites and real remains concerned with the catastrophic flood water level in Three Gorges area of Yangtze River are well preserved here.  

Huangling Temple

 is the largest ancient buildings in Three Gorges area. Huangling Temple faces the Yangtze River directly. It is also surrounded by many high mountains. Huangling Temples surroundings or environment is marvelous. It is an old-fashioned architectural style with elaborate decorations and carvings. Entering the leading hall, Yuwang Hall, there is a wooden Yuwang statue with four-meter height. If some one is one their knees, the statue handled by the monks will stand up to return greetings automatically. It is fully expressing the advanced techniques in the history of ancient China.  

There are also some lifelike statues of Zhuge Liang (the most mysterious man and thought to be the earthly immortal) and his young servants. At the backyard of

Huangling Temple

, some moist mummies are reserved there. It is a traditional temple indeed without overcrowded visitors.  

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