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Shennong Stream (Badong county)



Shennong Stream (Badong county)Living along the

Shennong Stream

 is a luxurious dream or desire to many urban residents. It is another world, an idyllic and beautiful place. There is no the anxiety and worries of urban life. There are no side-effects from modern industrialization. There are no distorted values to money, society and life. It is a virgin land with China's ancient and traditional custom, mysterious and charming local culture, the flowery and purified smile, the open-minded and impassioned folk songs, and in the countryside, the comfortable lifestyles.


On the way to Shennong Stream by water, you will be intoxicated by its charming mountains and greens on both sides. There is no any artificial scenery or landscapes. It is the virgin forests and original mountains without any human effects and reconstructions. It totally belongs to the nature and wild animals. Human is unqualified to stay here. Wherever the human is, the pollution and natural disasters will be there. Hence, Shennong Stream is one most valued place for human to visit quietly and seriously. The steep mountains and the silvery and unpolluted waters from the heaven make you forget this earthly world. It is said that the water in Shennong Stream is clearer than the table-water. It could be directly used for human drinking.


The local custom is diversified by local wedding and funeral ceremonies. Sitting on the boats for free drift and listening carefully to the local pretty guides' introductions. I am convinced that no one wants to go back. It is really a dreamland full of smile, sunshine, and comfort. If you find there are some cottages separately surrounded by many trees on both sides of mountains. Please do not surprise. It means there is a beautiful and unmarried girl in this family and also tells you that you will have opportunities to marry this beauty. The folk songs are also as charming as the local girls. You may want to join in a local wedding ceremony or bridegroom-selection performance, you will be probably lucky to be selected by those performers as her bridegroom in the performance, and then you could learn more from it ! Perhaps you will be really willing to be a real bridegroom here!


If you are the luckiest you may see some wild animals suddenly revealing in the trees on both sides of stream, even you could hear the apes sound far from the mountains. It is said that some visitor in the past once met the wild men somewhere around

Shennong Stream

. The mysterious hanging coffins on both sides of cliffs may broaden your eyes. It is an enigma so far that what kind of measures the ancient people took to raise these coffins up to that height of cliffs.

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