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The Hometown of Wang Zhaojun


The Hometown of Wang Zhaojun

There are two steles of Qing Dynasty in Zigui County, one is for


, and the other one is for

Wang Zhaojun

. In fact, Wang Zhaojun's hometown is located in Xingshan County.


There are many rites such as Zhaojun House, dressers and so on. There are 16 steps on the way to dreesers. It means Wang Zhaojun lived in her hometown for 16 years Wang Zhaojun was a historical beauty in China's history. She was one of the ancient four great beauties in China. She contributed herself to the Hun for peace and national development.

She was selected to be the maid of honor by the Emperor for her beauty and versatility. It is said that the Emperor used to select beauty among those maids in virtue of the painting; hence at that time the imperial painters were bribed by those maids except such an honest lady servant, Wang Zhaojun, and then one of painters, Mao Yanshou, deliberately uglified her and caused her to lose favoritism. In 33 B.C, Emperor of Hun wanted to marry a girl of Han Dynasty. Wang Zhaojun volunteered to be that bride. Before Wang Zhaojun left the capital, the Emperor found she was so beautiful, and he wanted to change his mind, but he had made decision. The emperor was so angry that he killed that painter. In fact, Wang Zhaojun was the national heroine in Chinese history.

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