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Wild Elephant Valley - Yunnan Tourist Attractions

Located 47km from downtown Jinghong city, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Wild Elephant Valley with an altitude from 747m to 1055m, is frequently haunted by flocks of Wild Asian Elephants. Covering an area of 370 hectares, it is the only place in China where large quantities of Wild Asian Elephant thrive in nature. The dense tropical forest which is home to many precious and endangered species include Wild Asian Elephant, Wild Ox, Green Peacock and Macaque, is cut by a labyrinth of rivers spanning 8000m2. Since 1990, Wild Elephant Valley has become a theme park. After opening to public in 1996, it has undergone significant improvement. By now, it is equipped with Elephant Observing Corridor, Tree House, Midair Cableway, Sightseeing Path, Butterfly Breeding Park and Bird Park, etc. Enjoying the tropical landscape and observing wild elephants are two highlights of this theme park.
Wild Elephant Valley: the last place in China where wild asian elephants still thrive in nature

Over 50 flocks of wild elephants numbered at 300 to 350 call this park home. The first Elephant Training School in China is located here, which shelters 16 tamed wild elephants. Those giants have learned many ticks, such as bow to greeting tourists, stand on their heads, dance with music, go across the single wood bridge and kick the ball with their noses. You can even ride on their backs or noses, share photos with them as well as enjoy the elephant massage. They are so brilliant and lovely that you cannot help falling in love with them.
Tree House in Wild Elephant Valley serves as ideal sightseeing site

Notice that they are not always around. Every 4.4 days, you may catch a glimpse of those giant creatures roaming around, bathing and playing, especially during dawn and dusk. By virtue of the infrared night-vision goggles, you can observe these untamed spirits---the master of this forest during night.
Over 50 flocks of wild elephants numbered at 300 to 350 call this park home.

Blessed with intoxicating natural scenery and thrilling adventure activities, Wild Elephant Valley is a mysterious kingdom with alluring flavor. The sightseeing Walking Path zigzags its way 4880 meters long within this park. It will leads you into the heart of this forest, Snake Garden and Butterfly Breeding Garden. Following this path, you will pass through Tropical Forest Area, Mountain Monsoon Forest Area and Subtropical Evergreen Forest respectively. This “Botanic Garden” and “Animal Haven” will cast a spell on you by its most intriguing plants, flowers and insects and animals. Sometimes, Wild Asian Elephant will swagger along the forest and pop up unexpectedly. They will stare into your eyes so confidently that you will realize in no time that they are the masters of this forest, not us.

In fact, in Xishuangbanna, the image of elephant is everywhere. You can find them in handicrafts, tapestries, paintings, sculptures as well as myths and tales. We can see that Dai people are connected with this creature and adorn them very much.

Travel Tips of Wild Elephant Valley

Location: west side of China 312 National Highway, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture

Best Travel Season: Autumn or Winter( this period is the dry season)

Opening Hour: 9:00am to 17:00 pm

Admission Fee: 65¥(around 10 $)

Wild Elephant Valley Cableway
: one-way ticket: 50¥ ( Around 8$) Round-trip Ticket: 70 ¥(11$)

Each 11:00am to 12:00am and 14:00pm to 15:00pm, the Elephant Performance will take place, it  is  is free of charge, however, if you want to take a picture with elephant, it will charge you from 2 to 8 $
yunnan-wild-elephant-valley yunnan-wild-elephant-valley10

To stay safe, keep 30meters away from Wild Asia Elephant

Elephants are most aggressive during their mating season, or when their babies are around

How to escape attacks from elephants
: Rule One: run in “S” line rather than in straight line, for their bulky body is not agile enough to steer direction; Rule Two: escape downward from the slope rather than climbing up to higher places (for elephants’ front legs are shorter than their rear legs, thus it will be inconvenient for them to chase you when you are running downwardly)
Wild Asian Elephants

Wear long trousers and tie up the bottom with socks

Be aware of leech. To avoid them, you can spray some soap water or anti-mosquito oil on your shoes, and these sprays can last from 4 to 8 hours each time. Besides, garlic juice has proved effective to keep not only leech but also snake away.

Xishuangbanna is a cuisine kingdom. The mouth-watering foods here will drive you crazy. Remember keep a regular and healthy diet habit

Do not drink water from rivers, ponds or lakes

Do not eat too much when you are traveling by air, buses or boats

Mosquitoes abound in tropical areas and the sun can be scorching, thus please bring anti-mosquito spray, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen

Yunnan boasts over 20 ethnic groups, each has developed different customs, thus, you had better follow your guide’s suggestions and respect local customs
Author: Sophia   Posted on March 29, 2013
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