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Xiagei Village, Shangri-la's most beutiful Tibetan Village

As an integral part of Pudacuo National Park, Xiagei Village(霞给村) is a kaleidoscope of Tibetan culture. Strolling around, you can soak up the exotic ethnic flavor and indulge in the inviting scenery. The ubiquitous Mani stone heaps, mysterious lamaseries, stately cloisters, wind horse flags, rows of prayer wheels, soaring pagodas and bright Tibetan folk residences paint an idyllic scene imbued with profound religious connotation. In this land, God, nature and man live in peace.

In the distance, divine snow mountains lost amid swirls of clouds and mists safeguard this reclusive village affectionately. In the green wooded slopes and flower-carpeted meadows, herds of sheep and horses graze leisurely.

Breathtaking Xiagei Village is, it will enthrall you with assorted family-run mills, such as the time-honored Tibetan medicine clinics, silver processing mills, hand-made knife mills, buffalo horn and bone carving mills, thangka-painting mills, wood carving mills and incense-making mills. Thanks to them, the quintessential part of Tibetan’s endangered art and crafts are showcased artistically and preserved cautiously. There are also museums devoted to Tibetan folk residences and traditional medicine respectively. As you frequent one site to the next with wide-open eyes and big mouths, you will feel awestruck and succumb to this civilization originating from the roof of the world simultaneously.

If you want to seek meditation, drop  a visit to Gedan Dejilin Monastery, Shangri-La’s only monastery contains the incarnations of the twelve-year-old Sakyamuni and the statues of Tibetan Buddism’s eight prophets. Its library boasts a most diversified and remarkably rich collection of sutras.

Another highlight of your trip here is to visit a Tibetan’s home to enjoy Tibetan Opera, Guozhuang Dance (Tibetans’ Collective Dance), wedding customs, sky burial traditon and out-of-the-world gourmet including tsampa and yak butter tea. To rest your tired legs, it is a good idea to soak up into a spa in Tibetan style.

If you cannot make it to Tibet, holy land of Buddhism, then, this village will make a prelude.

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Address: within Pudacuo National Park, 18km from Shangri-la County (Zhongdian County), Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

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: buy an entry ticket in Pudacuo National Park, you can access this village by eco-friendly shuttle buses
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