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* Experienced

Absolute China Tours is one of the top leading travel agencies in China for its quality, reliability, and personalized travel  service. For over 21 years in business we have won local government and National Tourism Board awards for our excellence. Today, there are dozens of quite experienced travel consultants offering you the best China tour service. All of them are selected travel elites from hundreds of candidates, and have over 10 years of experiences in Chinese inbound tourism. They are absolutely professsional, reliable and trustworthy. >>> Contact Us


* Client-oriented

We have spent years studying what our clients are most interested in. Therefore we can best meet your demand and help you acquire a unique life experience in China. We will not only show you the beauty of the land but also provide you with a unique opportunity to learn more about the Chinese culture. We care about what you care.


* Professional

We have an innovative and dynamic team of travel experts at your service. Our local suppliers throughout the country are carefully selected. Only those who meet our quality standards in terms of customer service will be chosen. On top of that, we keep a close eye on the quality of every single service they deliver.

Photo of our Travel Consultants with a tour in Wuyishan Mountain




* Trustworthy

Absolute China Tours commits to making all the necessary efforts to satisfy every single customer. Wherever you want to go or however you want to travel in China, we are always here to help.

* Timely response with professional advice
* 24/7 availability to help ensure you travel as planned.
* No Forced Shopping trips
* No Tourist Traps on tour
* Maximum Flexibility to change the itinerary or add extra service (not applicable to organized join-in tours with fixed schedule)
* Flexible quality control. If something unexpected happens (such as delay of your aircraft, cancellation of the flight…etc), we shall contact you immediately and help make other arrangements so that your tour will not be affected as much as possible. If you would like to interrupt your trip, we will refund your money for the unused services.

* The Introduction from ASTA
Absolute China Tours has become its member since 2006. From the very first day of being an ASTA member, we have been committed to Principals of Professional Conducts, Ethics and Continued Enhancement and Improvement of the Travel Industry set forth by ASTA. Below is the selected part of the official introduction of ASTA on China Absolute Tours International Inc - Located in Hangzhou, China, China Absolute Tours International Inc. is one of the leading tour operators accredited by China National Tourism. With 25 years of travel industry experienced staff, the company specializes in FIT and special interest tours as well as conventional leisure vacations. China Absolute Tours strives to offer discounted hotels and services at competitive prices and customizes their services to each client… ( Further Reading )

* The Feedbacks of Clients
With a history of dozens of years in inbound tourism industry of China, Absolute China Tours strictly keeps its motto: We Live to Serve, and thousands of our clients send us their acknowledgments or testimonials. Considering the policy of privacy we maintain, we just put out some of them on the condition of clients’ agreement. Further reading is available by click >>>> The Feedbacks of Clients


* What We Provide:

-Up-to-date travel information and destination advice
-Authentic China travel experiences with best value for your money
-Customized tours to meet your specific requirements
-Personal care throughout the whole trip
-Cheap and affordable hotels with high quality in all major cities in China
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1-888-414-0686 (US & CA)

0-808-189-0371 (UK)

1-800-982-536 (AU)

0086-571-85278076 (Intl)

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