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Gallery of Dianchi Lake                                                                                                   Editor: Sophia


Dianchi, also known as Tien Lake or Kunming Chi, is Yunnan’s largest fresh water lake and the sixth fresh water lake in China. Due to its enticing natural scenery and rich cultural relics, it is honored as “the sparkling pearl embedded into the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau” and “the cradle of Kunming culture”.


 Dianchi Lake's Evening Glow

 Dianchi Wetland Park

 dianchi-lake-polluted dianchi-lake-black-headed-gull

 the polluted Dianchi

 Black-headed Gulls will stay in Dianchi Lake for four months
 dianchi lake dianchi-lake-autumn

 Dianchi Lake

 Dianchi Lake in Autumn

 dianchi-lake-blossoms dianchi-lake

 The shallow area of Dianchi Lake

 Nearly one dozen hills embrace Dianchi Lake and form a natural barrier
 dianchi-lake-sunset dianchi

 The enticing sunset in Dianchi Lake

 Tree-lined Bank

 dianchi-lake-giant-tree dianchi-baiyukou-park

 Dianchi's water color varies

 Dianchi Lake: Baiyukou Park Villa

 dianchi-lake-plant dianchi-lake-autumn

 Lush vegetation along Dianchi Lake

 Autumn reigns Dianchi lake's wetland

 dianchi-lake-guanyinshan-bai-village dianchi-lake-guanyin-hill

 Guanyin Hill

 Architectures on Guanyin Hill

 dianchi-lake kunming-jianchuan-wood-carvins

 Dianchi Lake: the cradle of Kunming culture

 Kunming Jianchuan Wood Sculptures

 dianchi-lake-peacock dianchi-lake-birds

 Dianchi Lake Peacock

 Black-headed Gulls live in Dianchi Lake happily

 dianchi-lake-wetland dianchi-lake-sunset

 Dianchi Lake Wetland

 Dianchi Lake

 kunming-handicrafts kunming-handicrafts


 Eye-dazzling handicrafts in Kunming

 dianchi-lake-chicken-fir-mushroom dianchi-lake-mushroom-dish

 Chicken Fir Mushroom: kunming city's special food

 Kunming's special food: mushroom pot dish(Pinyin: Jun Wang Guan Guan Xiang)

 kungming-ivory-sculpture dianchi-lake-snack-guoqiaomixian

 Kunming is famous for Ivory Sculpture

Kunming Food: Guoqiaomixian. 

 kunming-snack kunming-steam-chicken

 Kunming snack: Guandubaba

 Steam Pot Chicken ( Qi Guo Ji)

 dianchi-lake-black-headed-gull dianchi-lake-handicraft
 ten thousands of Black-headed Gulls will fly to Dianchi since autumn every year Totem of Minority Group in Yunnan Province

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