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Photos of Kaihai Festival                                                                                    Editor: Sophia
Kaihai Festival is widely celebrated by the Chinese fisherman nationwide. Dali Kaihai Festival is held each July or August near the Erhai Lake. A solemn worship ceremony usually serves as the prelude to this joyful grand event with a history of over 4000 years. Besides, the eye-dazzling Dragon Boat Race and the wonderful fishing show will be staged also. This festival will offer you a fantastic chance to peek into the traditional tactics employed by local fishing man as well as to gain insight of Bai people’s lifestyle, traditions and fishing culture.

Accompanied by thundering drum beat, other festivities include singing, Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, weave fishing net, set captive fish free, catch fish with bare hands will be held, pushing this festival to its pinnacle.

After this festival, you can stroll along the poetic Erhai Lake, hike Cangshan mountain, visit museum or ancient towns include Shuanglang Town, Xizhou Ancient Town and the Old Town of Lijiang or undertake a off the beaten path tour to visit fishing villages nearby. The serenity environment, warm and talented Bai people, mouth-watering food, bewildering customs, marvelous Bai architecture which enthrall tourists worldwide are highlights you definitely should not miss.
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