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10 Dishes Every Foodie Should Try In China

Foodies from all around the world flock to China to experience the unique flavours of this incredible country. From the salty yet simple flavours of the north to the hot and spicy flavours of central China, every region has its specific taste which foodies love. If you’re a foodie, here are some of our favourite Chinese dishes from all over the country that you need to try.

1. Kung Pao Chicken

Coming from the south-west region of China, Kung Pao Chicken is an authentic Mandarin dish that has become extremely popular all over China. The dish is made of sliced chicken pieces that is deep fried and garnished with chillies, vegetables and peanuts.


Source: Flickr

2. Peking Duck

Forget the peking duck that you’ve tried at your local Chinese restaurant because there is nothing more delicious an authentic dish in the country of its origin. As a Chinese delicacy, the duck is marinated and roasted until it is golden brown. It is then garnished with spring onions, sweet bean sauce and cucumber.

3. Char Siu

Directly translated Char Siu means ‘fried fork’ is a common dish found at various Chinese cultural gatherings. Made of chunks of pork belly that are deep fried then sliced into long strips, this dish is absolutely delicious especially for those who love pork. This dish is also served in Malaysian, Singapore and Japanese cuisine.

4. Ma Po Tofu

Another popular dish in China’s Chuan Cuisine is Ma Po Tofu. Going back more than 100 years, the dish is spicy and hot due to its use of pepper powder. The dish is made with milky tofu, which is enriched with ground beef and chopped green onion.

Ma Po Tofu .jpg

Source: Flickr

5. Cong You Bing

If you like pancakes, then you have to try Cong You Bing. Originated in the west, these ‘pancakes’ are not made with batter, but rather with green onions that are enclosed in the dough and roasted to make a thin pancake like dish.

6. Gong Bao Chicken

Popular amongst both locals and tourists, Gong Bao Chicken is a Sichuan-style specialty dish. Originally made of diced chicken, dried chilli and fried peanuts, the dish has been adapted by the western culture with diced chicken covered in cornstarch with vegetables, sweet and sour sauce and garlic.

7. Century Egg

A delicious delicacy in China is Century Eggs. Don’t worry, these eggs are not 100 years old, but are raw egg prepared by coating it in quicklime, salt and wood ash. After removing the shell, the egg is brown with a grey yolk, and is the perfect snack.

Century Egg .jpg

Source: Flickr

8. Chow Fun

From the southern part of China, Chow Fun is a Cantonese dish which is made with rice noodles, bean sprouts and beef. It is an unusual dish for Cantonese cuisine, but delicious nonetheless.

9. Yu Xiang Rou Si

From the Sichuan province, Yu Xiang Rou Si is a shredded pork dish mixed with fish. The dish is served on a platter to larger groups of people, and is a definite must-try for foodies who love meat. 

10. Buddha’s Delight

If you’re a vegetarian, then this Chinese dish is for you. Chinese cuisine has very few pure vegetarian dishes, but the Buddha’s Delight is one that is both delicious and meat-free. The dish ingredients may vary from per restaurant and region, but often has bamboo shoots and a variety of vegetables.

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