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5 feminine products that are hard to find in China

China is the home of cheap clothing and products, but although it seems like everything is made in China, it may not be readily available in China. So leave a section in your luggage for these 5 feminine products that are hard to find.

1)   Tampons


Source: LA Times

If you look at the tampons and pads section of any drug store in China you will find lots of options for pads from various brands, some that you may recognize. If you're lucky there will be one or two Chinese brands that also have a tampon variety, now you might be thinking why are they on this list? It seems that the tampon technology available in other countries, has not yet reached Chinese manufactures yet. The tampons available in Chinese are some kind of insert with your finger variety. Yes, there is no applicator; you peel off the wrapper and try to stick the somewhat soft tip up there yourself. Consider bringing a few packs when you come if don’t want to get messy or use pads all the time

2)   Bras


Source: ChinaDaily

Forget Victoria Secret, in China you can find some of the most beautiful and intricate bras available. However, if you're bigger than a C cup, forget the fancy designs, you’ll be lucky to find a bra that fits. So stock up on bras before you come to china (or most of Asia in general), unless you're willing to shell out some dough for a custom bra.

3)   Cosmetics


Source: ChinaCosmeticAgency

Don’t get me wrong; there are a TON of cosmetics in China. Brands from all over the world. However, with products sold in Asia you’ll quickly notice the colour selection and style is quite different from other parts of the world. Firstly, the colour selection tends to be a lot lighter, and less variety available for darker or even tanned skinned. Secondly, a lot of products are designed to whiten or have a brightening and dewy finish, which may not be the type of look you want to go for. Even western brands sold in China do not have the same selection of products that are sold elsewhere in the world. Lastly, not only are a lot of western brands not available, even if they are available they are sometime triple the price! So make sure to stock up at home or when your airport!

4)   Shoes

guangzhou-china-december-9-2012-013 (1)-min.jpg

Source: paullaherty

Like with bra sizes, if you’re bigger than a size 8 in women’s shoes, it’s going to be difficult to find shoes that’ll fit you properly. As a size 9 myself, I found it difficult to find shoes that fit me well in China. Even though some shoes say size 9 they tend to run small. Consider bringing a few styles of shoes when you come, because buying might not be an option.

5)   Hair dye

0f83531921799a0e_1-min-min (1).jpg

Source: everbluec

So hair dye is kind of tricky. Yes, there is definitely hair dye available in China, but seeing how the majority of the population is dark haired, of course the hair dye is designed for dark hair. However, you can still use it, but it might be a struggle to find which one you should use to get the shade you want. I would recommend bringing a few boxes of your favourite dye if you’re planning a long trip.

What else have you had trouble finding in China?

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