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A Nice Tour in Qingdao

The World of TsingTao

The Qingdao (TsingTao) brewery is a must visit in Qingdao. The brewery was founded 1903 by German sellers and later driven by Japanese. Nowadays, it is not an interesting insight into one of the most popular Chinese beers but also a history lesson of the growth of this company along with China itself. In the museum, you can drink a cup of fresh beer in the middle of the course and buy special goods focused on Qingdao beer.


Zhanqiao pier

If someone asks a local what is the landmark for Qingdao - most would quote this Zhanqiao pier. Built in 1891, this pier is more than 100 years old and yet in good condition. There is pavilion at the end of the pier, which is one of true landmarks of Qingdao.Dating back about a century, the pavilion is designed in Ming Dynasty style with yellow ceramic roof tiles and green and blue paintwork under the architraves. It is famous nationwide due to its place on the label of TsingTao beer.


Navy Museum

The museum is an open museum that you can get to see and touch the displays of old fighter planes, tankers, etc. I got the impression that some of the attractions has been removed for the construction and many of the aircraft and artillery pieces were crammed closely together. The most interesting thing I saw was an old amphibious airplane but for military buffs, there were a number of things with bi-lingual explanations.You even get to go on board the navy ships.


Laoshan Scenic Area

Lao Shan, a popular spot for tourists, is a really lovely scenic area filled with mountains and a beautiful view of the ocean .The rocks and cliff features are quite remarkable, and this is the home of Taoism so you can imagine meditating by the pools in what would have been a very quiet area. A delightful escape from the City.


Qingdao Underwater World

The aquarium is supposed to be the oldest in China and it is pretty big, covering a large area in several buildings and even running under the road. There are many sea animals, some of them I just not seeing before. The whole place is pretty well looked-after.


Olympic Sailing Center

This facility, renovated for the 2008 Olympics features hundreds of dock spaces for private, public, corporate, and occasionally government watercraft. The harbor is protected by an artificial jetty with a lighthouse at the south end. Flags from the participating Olympic countries are still flying on the jetty and various bars and shops are located on the lower level.This place is so great to relax ourselves. We can feel the wind from the sea, we can see the sail docked at the dock.The atmosphere around there can make you feel relax.


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