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6 Chinese Olympic Athletes to Follow on Weibo

The Olympics are back! This year is the 2016 Summer Olympics In Rio de Janeiro and China will be competing in 29 sports with a total of 412 athletes. Here are 6 athletes that you might want to follow more closely.

1) Ning Zetao - @

Screenshot_20160809-144556 (1).jpg

One of the most celebrated Olympic swimmers competing this year, and it’s not only his skill that is at the center of attention but also his good looks and fit body. The internet has been going wild for the 23-year-old swimmer. Not only is he an Olympic athlete but he was a lieutenant in the Chinese navy and has become the first Asian man to win a medal in the 100-meter freestyle at Russia’s FINA World Championships. If you want to know more about him, make sure to follow his Weibo @宁泽涛, which currently has more than 5 million followers.

2) Fu Yuanhui - @

Screenshot_20160809-143850 (1).jpg

The 20-year-old swimmer just won all of China’s heart over her cute reaction to her performance in the 100-meter backstroke. Fu Yuanhui finished 3rd in the women’s 100-meter backstroke semi-finals in Rio, and when she was interviewed she was so adorable shocked and humble about how well she did. The video went viral in China and many cartoons of her reaction have been made. Later she also went on to win bronze in the 100-meter backstroke finals. If you want to see more of her adorableness you can follow her on Weibo @傅园慧o_O, she currently has more than 3 million followers.

3) Fan Yilin - @

Screenshot_20160809-144929 (1).jpg

At only 16-year-old, gymnast Fan Yilin already has quite a career. In the 2015 Chinese National Championships she won gold in the uneven bars final, silver with the shanghai team, and 3rd in balance beam, in the same competition in 2015 she won gold in uneven bars, and bronze with the shanghai team. She was also selected in 2015 to compete at the World Championships in Glasgow where the China team won silver and she won the World title for uneven bars in the first ever four-way tie. This is her first year participating in the Olympic games and if you want to have a peek into her daily life follow her on Weibo @范忆琳.

4) Wu Minxia - @吴敏霞

Screenshot_20160809-144958 (1).jpg

Wu Minxia is one of the best and most decorated divers in history. She specializes in the 1-meter and 3-meter springboard and synchronized 3-meter springboard events. She first started competing in major championships in 2001 and has represented China at every Asian Games, Olympic Games and FINA world Aquatics Championships up until 2016. As an eight-time world champion and 5 time Olympic and Asian champion, she is definitely someone to watch out for. Wu Minxia also just made history at the Rio 2016 Olympics by taking gold in the women’s synchronized 2-meter springboard. She has the most diving gold medals by an individual in Olympic history. If you want to join her 1 million fans on Weibo, you can follow her at @wuminxia.

5) Lei Sheng - @雷声fencing

Screenshot_20160809-145043 (1).jpg

32-year-old Chinese foil fencer is an Olympic champion and world champion. He first caught the world’s attention in 2006 where he won silver at La Coruña, and bronze at the Torino World Championships, that year he ranked 5th in the world. The following season he also won the Bonn World Cup, the St Petersburg Grand Prix, the Montreal World Cup and placed 3rd in the World Championships. In the 2012 London Olympics, he also won gold in the men’s individual foil. If you want to follow Lei Sheng on Weibo, you can find him @leisheng2012.

6) Sun Yang - @孙杨

Screenshot_20160809-145028 (1).jpg

Last but not least, Sun Yang is one of the most popular and controversial athletes participating this year. If you have been even loosely following the Olympics, you probably have seen Sun Yang’s name. 24-year-old Sun Yang is a world record holding distance swimmer and was the first Chinese male swimmer to win a gold Olympic medal. However, in May 2014 Sun was banned for 3 months for testing positive for the stimulant trimetazidine, which he was using to treat his heart palpitations. He claimed to be unaware of the ban since the drug was added to the banned substance list in January 2014. This has caused a lot of drama and unrest among the other competing swimmers, but he still managed to pull in 2 medals so far at the Rio 2016 Olympics, a gold in the Men’s 200m freestyle and a Silver in Men’s 400m freestyle. If you want to join his 29 million fan base, you can follow him on Weibo @sunyangswim.

Which Olympic athletes are you looking forward to?

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