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The Historical City-Huichang

Huichang county, with picturesque scenery, lies in the southeast of Ganzhou city in East China’s Jiangxi province. The county covers an area of 2,722 square kilometers, with a population of 510,000 people. It has a rich connotations of Hakka culture, so the majority of people speak Hakka here.

It is widely known for its deep historical background of the revolution. In this country, many great leaders and communist party members made a great contribution to the foundation of the Peoples Republic of China during the period of land revolution war. Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong once wrote a famous poem Qingpingle Huichang on the top of the Huichang Mountain.


Here you can have a feast for the eyes because of the spectacular landscape. Hanxianyan, a national 4A scenery sites, boasts a typical Danxia land-form. Renowned as a wonderland of Han Zhongli, one of the Eight Immortals in Chinese fairy tales, Hanxianyan is an ideal place for visitors to have fun.


Hanxianyan is also a good place for you to take a hot spring bath. With a normal temperature of about 58 degree Celsius around the mouth of the hot spring, Hanxianyan hot spring is the largest one of its kind in southern Jiangxi province, based on daily water outflow. Rich in mineral materials such as magnesium, sulfur and iron ore, the hot spring here is conducive to the treatment and cure of many diseases, including rheumatism, dermatosis, gynecology and neurasthenia. Except for the scenic spot Hanxianyan, the white lotus pool and Shixiaquan are also famous for the Eight Immortals. And the Pangu Mountain is a nice choice for adventure to hike.


Besides, here are many special local products such as rice noodles, navel oranges and dried preserved bean curd you can have a taste. The well-know food in Huichang is preserved bean curd, which had been designated as tribute during the Qin Dynasty. The another popular food is rice noodle. The output of Huichang noodle accounts over 60% of the whole country’s output.


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