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Most Beautiful Islands in China

With over 11,000 miles of coastline, China boasts a variety of beautiful islands which have stunning beaches, romantic getaways and amazing landscapes. The warm ocean, white sands and gorgeous accommodations makes for the perfect island destinations. From Hainan Island with its vacation resorts to the volcanic rock island of Weizhou, here are some of the China’s most beautiful islands.

Hainan Island

Located on the southern tip of the China is Hainan Island, which covers an area of 35,100 square kilometres and is country's second largest island. With its tropical climate, palm trees shading white sandy beaches and the variety of resorts, Hainan Island is the perfect destination for a family vacation. This island is an all-year round destination made for vacationing. Being such a big island, there is also plenty to see and do on this island, including shopping, hikes and catching a tan on one of the beaches.


Source: Wikipedia

Hailing Island

Known as the "Oriental Hawaii”. Hailing Island is located in Yangjiang City of Guangdong Province, and has some of the best beaches in China. With crystal clear blue waters and white powder sand, this island is a popular vacation destination for vacation-makers and honeymooners. The island also boasts plenty of historical sites including Taifu Temple, Zhenhai Pavilion and Linggu Temple, as well as plenty of museums.

Diaoyu Islands

The Diaoyu Islands consist of Diaoyu Island, Huangwei Island, Chiwei Island, Nanxiao Island, Beixiao Island, Dananxiao Island, Dabeixiao Island and Feilai Island, and stretch over an area of seven square kilometers in the northern East China Sea. These islands are renown for its various herbs that are used to make herbal medicines that fights numerous diseases. 

Weizhou Island

Made of volcanic rock and lava, Weizhou is China’s largest and youngest volcanic island. The island is most popular for its beautiful beaches, stunning views and exceptionally preserved living coral. With a variety of private resorts, the island is the perfect honeymoon destination. The island also boasts some beautiful architecture in the form of churches.

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Source: Wikipedia

Temple Islands

Visible from the beautiful Danya Mountain in Penglai City, travellers can easily spot this cluster of 32 small islands in the South China Sea known as ‘Fairy Tale Islands in the Sea’. With white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and limestone cliffs, is perfect for a day trip or an overnight visit.

Xisha Islands

As one of the biggest island groups in the South China Sea, Xisha Islands are located 330 km from China’s Hainan Province. Because these islands are so far offshore, they are rarely visited, but scuba divers and snorkelers will find excellent visibility of up to 40 meters, and a variety of amazing sea life, coral reefs and seascapes. The island also offers plenty of privacy for honeymooners.

Zhoushan Island

Situated in Zhoushan City, Zhoushan Island is the fourth largest in China. Covering an area of 476.17 square kilometers, the island boasts a variety of popular attractions including the Shrine of the Three Loyalists, the Cannon Platform from the Fortress of Zhengyuan and the Remnants of the Town of Daotou. It is also known for its delicious freshly caught seafood served at restaurants and at markets. Visit this beautiful island between June and October to get the perfect climate of not too hot and not too cold.

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