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One day in XiTang

If you find yourself working in Shanghai, it may be hard to leave the city. Vacations are few and far in between, and national holidays are never a good time to travel. However, there are a few trips you can take just during the weekend. One of the few I took was from Shanghai to Xitang and Hangzhou. Both of these places definitely deserve a few days to explore, but if you're short on time, you can see a good chunk of these 2 cities. Here's what I did in 1 day in Xitang.


I was travelling with 4 other friends, 1 of which was from China so she understood the transportation system and found us a place to stay. We all met up at Shanghai South Railway station around 7am to take the train that goes to Xitang, but I totally forgot that unless you’re a citizen you will need your passport to buy a train ticket. So because I forgot my passport the only other option was to take a bus, which you don’t need a passport to buy a ticket. The bus route is a direct route, but it’s a lot harder to navigate and understand, so thankfully we had someone who was a local in our group.


Once you get off the bus in Xitang many rickshaw drivers will approach you to take their rickshaw and offer different prices. We had no choice but to take one of these rickshaws since there was no taxis in sight. At first the road was a wide 6 lane road, but the driver turned and started driving through what appears to be a farm land. The width of the road was just wide enough for the wheels, and there were points where we were riding at an angle.


Thankfully, we arrived safely at the place where we were staying which was a traditional Chinese Inn, the rooms had the raised flat beds and there was propaganda posters and chairman mao pictures on the walls.


After dropping off our stuff we head in to Xitang area, which requires a 100-yuan entrance fee for a day. From here all we did was eat! Food vendors at every shop selling different unique Chinese snacks. Since we came with a bigger group we tried to get one of everything to share and try. 



We also came across a fish spa and rested there for 30mins while the dead skin on our feet got eaten away by little fishes. 


We spend the rest of the day exploring more of the little town and found an area full of little shops selling trinkets and souvenirs. 


As it got dark, we headed back to the canal area to take a river cruise. Vendors selling paper flowers also appeared and you can light a candle, make a wish, and set it on the river to float away. 


Later at night we checked out the bar area, from every store front loud music was blasting, lights were flashing, "promoters" were standing at the side of the street to pull people into their bars. We decided to check out one that was a little off to the side and quieter. 


All the bars mainly sold combos of drinks and food, so don't expect to be able to sit at a table with just a beer. We just got the cheapest option which was still quite a lot with over 15 coolers and some fruits. We ended our day there to prepare for the next day in Hangzhou. One day in Hangzhou post will be coming soon!

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Monica is a Canadian-Chinese travel blogger and marketer that has spent time in Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou,and Xitang, Shanghai. When she isn't watching YouTube videos, you can find her writing or creating videos.


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