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Prairie Ulgai

I have dreamed to visit a grassland in my life time since I watched the movie - Wolves Totem. I was deeply impressed by the wide open spaces of the prairies. This time I planned to go to Prairie Ulagai, the shooting place for the story.

Prairie Ulagai is the most well-preserved natural grassland in the world. There includes original grassland, lakes, wetlands, birch forest and other unique grassland scenery and natural landscape. Besides, there are many historical and cultural relics.


When I come there, I was shocked by the wide earth, blue sky. The grassland is great to see with nothing then endlessness around it. It is a place that really differs from the urban city. Stand in the earth, breathe the fresh air, I released all my pressure and feel peace and quiet.


Looking ahead, there are some yurts with in the grassland. These yurts are clean but not warm in the night. If you want to settle in the yurt, youd better to prepare more clothes.


It's delighful to see horses, cows, sheep in their natural habitat. It was a lovely, sunny day but the wind picks up pretty soon and it can get chilly very quickly.


The lake there are so clean that can reflect the clouds in the blue sky. It is just a wonderland. Both my physical and psychological are enjoyed a lot when I saw this scenery.


This travel is so excellent that is far away to express in words. It is only you have a personal experience that you can feel the greatness of the grassland.

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