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Tour in Changdao

I have planned to visit Changdao for a long time for its island scenery.

Changdao County, one of the ten most beautiful islands in China, is located between Jiaodong and Liaodong Peninsula and the junction between the Yellow Sea and The Bohai Sea. It consists of 32 islands, with a total area of 56 square kilometers. It is with beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, fresh air, elegant environment, multiple strange reefs and stones, as well as natural wonders such as the mirage, haizi, advection fog, etc.


On the journey to Changdao, I had seen a lot of sea gulls hovering in the sky, which really shocked me. I have once dreamed to be a bird so that I can fly freely and see the whole wonderful world.


On the top of mountain, I can see the demarcation line of the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea. Overlooking the boundless sea, I deeply feel that human is so infinitely small within the scheme of things.


Wonderland Source

It is a place that the First Emperor of Qin and Emperor Wu of Han seek elixir. It is also regarded as a settlement place in Tang Dynasty. In this area, there are many scenic spots, including ancient city walls, pavilions, relieves about the story of the crusade in Tang Dynasty and etc. It is said that if someone live in the wonderland, he may be a living immortal.


Wangfu Rock

Not far from the sea stood a frowning rock. The rock in the shape likes a woman wearing a scarf, a baby standing against the wind, waiting for her husband to return, so that this rock is named “Wangfu rock”.


Nine feet cliff

The cliff is famous for its towering and precipitous. Although we call “nine feet cliff”, the actual height of the cliff is 69.9 meters. The hard and inclusive rocks have witnessed the passage of time. When I look back, there is a tall and straight cliff on the shore. It is just like a giant, overlooking the surging waves, listening to the eternal millennium sounds.


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