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The southeast of Tibet

Linzhi is an area southeast to Lhasa and it is worthy to have a visit. This wonderful journey I will remember forever.


Driving along with Niyang River, I was amazed at the beautiful countryside scenery. At the foot of Snow Mountain stand houses with colorful roofs, red, yellow, pink, and purple. There are horses, yaks and sheep walking in the field, or hiding in trees. What a serene and beautiful picture!


High in the smooth ocean of sky floated a dazzling, majestic sun. Fragment of powdery cloud, like spray flung from a wave crest, sprinkled the radiant, like-blue heaven. The cloud in Tibet is the most beautiful cloud I ever see.


Looking forward, there is a welcome road decorated by pink peaches and yellow willows. I get off the car, and watch the scenery closely. It is just a fairyland. I am really amazed by the view.


A piece of peach, like dawn and rainbow, blooms in the Southeast of Tibet. Peach trees are blooming in the mountains, by the river, and beside houses. The trees have dressed the earth for decades. In spring, there are peaches as far as the eye can see. The landscape is all pink from the peach trees. I think there is no such a place like Linzhi in the world. It is worthy of the name of beauty in southeastern Tibet.


Lulang Forest

Lulang Forest located in Sichuan Tibet highway at a range of 80 kilometer of Bayi Town. It's basically a large forest with lots of swamps and yaks.

Lulang Forest is composed of bushes, spruces and pines. It is a typical plateau mountain meadow panhandle. The middle area of Lulang Forest is a neat meadow. There are winding streams and thousands of blossom wild flowers. When you get to the viewing platform you will see why it is called the "forest sea" in China - nestled between the mountainous peaks is the vast expanse of trees. The scenery is greatly beautiful and there are lots of lookouts along the way so that photographer can take many photos.


Lulang Food

The highlight for me was the Lulang food called Shiguoji, a delicious chicken in stone pot. The soup is super tasteful and welcoming in the area. You cannot miss this opportunity to have a taste of this dish.


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