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5 Tools to help you travel

Traveling can be stressful and doesn’t leave much room for error. Here are 5 tools that can help you ease your travel experience and make sure you're prepared before you leave.

1) Sygic Travel


Source: Willflyforfood

Formally known as Tripomatic, Sygic Travel is a web and mobile app that can help you plan your trip. It’s like a combination of trip advisor,, and google maps. After choosing your destination you can select the number of days you will be there and add to your itinerary where you would like to go based on the key spots shown or add your own custom locations. Through the app you can add where you’re staying and visualize the best route to save time! The app also allows you save an offline version, so you don’t need internet when you’re on the go.

2) Airbnb


One of the best ways to experience your destination is living like a local and Airbnb is the best way to get that experience. In almost anywhere in the world, there is an Airbnb available and you can choose to share a room with someone, rent a room in someone’s house, or rent a whole place for yourself. Many Airbnb hosts do this to meet new people and are full of suggestions for where their guest should go during their time there.

3) Speech Trans


Source: dispark

If you frequently travel to places where you can’t speak the language than you may want to consider getting Speech Trans. Currently one of the most advance translating software on the market and optimized for wearable technology. It makes translating from one language to another so easy. It can translate speech, text and images, making it one of the most practical travel tools.

4) Skiplagged


Source: Ruwhim

One of the most expensive part of traveling is transportation. If you’re going overseas, plane tickets are going to take up a large part of your budget, but Skiplagged may help you lower the costs. It will search for available flights and look at connecting flights to your destination where it may be cheaper than direct flights to your destination. One little flaw is that you cannot check bags because they will be sent to the end destination. But if you pack light, this method could save you hundreds!

5) PackPoint Packing


Source: thenextweb

Now that you have bought your plane ticket, planned your trip, and booked your accommodations, it’s time to pack! Pack Point Packing is a great app to help you pack and make sure you don’t forget anything. You can choose the location and time period you will be traveling and based on that it will check the local weather and generate a basic packing list. The app also comes with automatically generated packing lists based on different activities that you can choose from and options to customize all lists for future use.

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