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Top 4 Child-Friendly Destinations In China

Travelling with kids can be tough, but with the variety of attractions and activities to do and see, China is perfect for a family vacation. From amusement parks to seeing pandas, this beautiful country offers the entire family. Here are a few destinations in China that both children and their parents will love.

1. Beijing

From historic sights like the Great Wall of China to visiting Asia’s largest indoor water park, Beijing has an abundant of awesome activities for both kids and adults. The city also allows for plenty of shopping for the latest gadgets, clothing and adorable toys, as well as trying the various foods in the city. 

Child-Friendly Things To Do In Beijing

If your kids love the ocean and everything that lives within it, then they’ll love the Beijing Ocean Park. This massive indoor aquarium with trails, waterfalls, and brooks boasts over a thousand animals, including birds, sharks and turtles.

If you want to get your adrenaline pumping then visit the Shijingshan Amusement Park. Being the largest amusement park in Asia, the amusement park offers visitors to Beijing a Disney-like experience at an affordable cost.

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Source: Pixabay

2. Guiland

Explore the natural beauty of China in Guiland. With beautiful mountainous peaks, gorgeous rivers and stunning lakes, this area of China is perfect for an active family who loves hiking, biking and kayaking. Visitors to the area can also enjoy visiting local markets and do a Chinese food cooking class. 

Child-Friendly Things To Do In Guiland

One of the highlights of the Guiland is taking a cruise on the Li River. With breathtaking scenery all along the river, a cruise is the perfect way to see it and is enjoyable for both adults and kids.

One of the most popular attractions amongst children is visiting the giant pandas at Guilin Zoo in Seven Star Park. Many parents take their kids for photos with these cute and rare animals. 

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Source: Wikipedia

3. Shanghai

From heading to the top of the world’s second largest building - Shanghai Tower - to visiting the variety of theme parks in the city, Shanghai is a haven for kids to just explore and have fun. The city is also home to the fastest, magnetically-levitated trains and one of the best circuses in the world.

Child-Friendly Things To Do In Shanghai

As the best circus in China, the renown Shanghai Circus World is an eyeful for both adults and children. Performances at this incredible show includes aromatics, dancing, juggling, and loads of amazing and dangerous stunts. There are also a really funny clown show as well as animal performance with monkeys, tigers, parrots and lions. 

For those families with a sweet tooth head to Shanghai Chocolate Happy Land! I mean what kid doesn’t love chocolate? With an opportunity to see the chocolate versions of Hello Kitty, the Transformers, and many cartoon characters, plus try some of China’s best chocolate desserts, you can do it all at Shanghai Chocolate Happy Land.

4. Hong Kong

One of the most beautiful, family-friendly destinations in China is Hong Kong. With plenty of family tours, Disneyland and natural beauty the city offers kids and their parents a variety of fun activities.

Child-Friendly Things To Do in Hong Kong

Known as the most magical places on earth, Disneyland Hong Kong definitely lives up to its name. Kids can meet their favourite Disney characters, go on some exciting rides and watch many Disney shows while at the park.


Source: Pixabay

With over 20000 species of plants as well as 500 different bird species, 70 animals and 70 reptiles, the Zoological and Botanical Garden in Hong Kong is absolutely incredible. It is also home to the biggest greenhouse in Southeast Asia with double climate control.

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