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Top 5 Waterfalls in China

People from around the world flock to waterfalls to watch the water cascade down over cliffs and hillsides, but for what reason? There are many theories, one is that on an emotional level, watching waterfalls and the white noise it creates just makes people feel more relaxed and calm and is almost therapeutic. Also on the biological level, humans and other animals are drawn to water because it is essential to our survival, but especially moving bodies of water because it is safer to consume than standing bodies of water. However, most of these are speculations. Either way, if you’re in China and enjoy waterfalls here are the top 5 you need to see!

1) Mt. Lushan waterfall


Source: ChinaWhisper

Arguably one of the most popular and scenic waterfalls in China is the Lushan Waterfalls in Lushan National Park in Jiangxi Province. Many distinguished writers through history and present have written many notable works about this waterfall that has brought it to the attention of the world, making it the most poetic waterfall in China

2) Hukou Waterfall



The second largest waterfall in China and the largest waterfall on the yellow river, is the Hukou waterfalls. It is located in between the Shaanxi province and the Shanxi province, known for its distinct yellow colour and the sheer force of the falls. Although the falls only stand at 20 meters tall, when the water from the yellow river flows through the Hukou Mountains, the width is suddenly narrowed thus causing the pressure to push the water out of the falls with a lot more force.

3) Nuorilang Waterfall



Located in the Jiuzhaiguo valley of Sichuan, the Nuorilang waterfalls span 32 meters wide and has a drop of 25 meters. Nourilang in Tibetan means “grand and magnificent”, and these walls certainly live up to its name. Many strands of the fall are segmented across the cliff, and you can watch it cascade and hit the rocks below. If you’re in the park definitely also check out the Pearl shoal waterfalls!

4) Detian Waterfalls


Source: NatureFlip

The Detian Waterfalls, also known as the Ban Gioc Falls, is the largest transnational waterfall in Asia and the 4th largest in the world. Between the border between China and Vietnam, Detian Waterfall has a drop of 30 meters and appears to be 2 falls at times, but during summer seasons the river is swollen and joins to make one fall.

5) Changbai Waterfalls



Located in the Changbai mountains on the border between North Korea and China, the Changbai waterfalls flows from the Tianchi lake to a fall of 68 meters. Many locals consider the water sacred and come here just to take a bottle of water from the lake. If you’re tired after your hike, there’s a hot spring nearby where you soak your feet and enjoy some boiled eggs.

Let us know if we missed any other great waterfalls in China!

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