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China's Top Five Places for the Autumn

It is a good time to see the deep autumn scenery of China in October. The follows are the top five places that are worthwhile to travel in the October.


TOP1: Mulihong in Xiuning

Recommended reason: The most beautiful mountain village in Mount Huangshan's

Mulihong is located in Xiuning, Huangshan City and it is the highest elevation in the town of Huizhou village, nearly 1000 meters above sea level. The village has a history of 300 years and has retained the original Huizhou’s architecture style. Surrounded by the clouds, when you go to the village along the stone road, you will feel that you are a casual visitor who breaks into this land of idyllic beauty.

Especially after the rainy day, you will see an amazing spectacle of clouds, which makes you in a mirage. In October of the autumn, you can see red peppers, pumpkins, beans, corns and other fruits.

 bangdan top1.jpeg

TOP2: Jiamusi

Recommended reason: The border town in the eastern end of China

The scenery of northeast China is always easy to be ignored, and it is always be rough without any modifications. However, the northeast is the most real, original and attractive. Here is the last steam train in Northeast China. The old station and maintenance shop have retained the style of the last century. Two steam trains parked in the narrow gauge railway, which looks like a scene of an old movie.

 bangdan top2.jpeg

TOP3: Chongwu

Recommended reason: The most beautiful coastline

In Huian, there is a famous place: Chongwu. In the evening, the water is glittering under the lights of the sunset, such a breathtaking scene reminds me of a famous poetry that is “A lonely wild duck flies with the sunset clouds; the autumn river mirrors the color of the sky.” And when the night is coming, the whole word calm down we can only hear the sound of the sea, which brings people back to the ancient time.

 bangdan top3.jpeg

TOP4: Zhangbei Grassland

Recommended reason: the most beautiful destination for photography

Here was the emperor’s hunting place in autumn, and now it is one of the most famous lands to appreciate the autumn for photographers. Blue sky, white clouds, Mongolian Yurts, cattle and sheep flocks, those all can be seen in the Zhangbei grassland.

 bangdan top4.jpeg

TOP5: Guilin

Recommended reason: the southern most amazing autumn

When we talk about the Guilin, it always occurred to us that “Guilin has the best scenery in China”. In fact, in the fall, there will also be an amazing view: The rice field become yellow, liking a golden sea, golden ginkgo leaves are more attractive than it was green, and even the smoke from chimneys are more poetic than in the past.

bangdan top5.jpeg

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