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An Impressive Tour in Wulingyuan

It is really a nice chance to have a visit of Wulingyuan. This experience left me an impressive memory.


Tianzi Mountain

Tianzi Mountain is vast with dramatic towering rock columns adorned with twisted vegetation amongst deep stone canyons. It is truly a magnificent place in the world of national park—Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. We can ride the world's longest cable car to the top of mountain, or we can take a walk to enjoy beautiful scenic and fresh air. Both of them are worthwhile for their unusual and unique experience. The Tianzi mountain trails boast of incredible panoramic views of magnificent mountain scopes mostly from cliff hanging, cantilevered cement walkways suspended thousands of feet above the forested canyons. And I was lucky to see the sea of clouds after rain. It is really a wonder.


The Golden Whip Stream

This is a nice walk along the golden whip steam. The river is cool, clean and serene. You can dabble in the stream. Besides, there are lots of monkeys for you to see at close range. While walking, you can have a feeling of quiet. It is less busy than other places. Thus, it is a nice break from the typical bustling attractions.


Yellow Dragon Cave

Huanglong Cave, also called Yellow Dragon Cave is a famous scenic spot in Wulingyuan Scenic Area and a national 4A rated scenic area.

The Yellow Dragon Cave is massive and known as the Key Stand. It is a karst cave, with unique limestone formations, pools, underground rivers, underground lake and large caverns. Its huge chambers and the underground river with countless stalactites and stalagmites made it an exciting and unforgettable trip. Those colorful lights make those natural stalactites and stalagmites look beautiful. Besides, there are many points of interest inside the cave such as: Gathering Hall, Rattle River, Paradise Pillar Street and the one and only Sacred Needle for Stabilizing the Sea. The Dragon Palace is the biggest of the main cave halls. There are many peaks known as the Pagoda Peak.




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