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A Brief Introduction of Xishuangbanna

Xishuangbanna is a beautiful place in the southern part of Yunnan Province. The prefecture is nicknamed "Aerial Garden" for its wonderful landscapes. Tropical rain forests in Xishuangbanna provides a habitat for nearly 1000 species of animals. The region has 5000 kinds of plants or about one-sixth of the total in China.


For its well-developed agriculture, Xishuangbanna has many special foods, which is not only delicious but also full of ethnic characteristics. Citizens in Xishuangbanna mainly use rice to cook food, such as rice cakes, rice noddles and rice wine. The bamboo rice is a typical dish in the place. It uses incense bamboo to make the rice more soft and fragrant. Steamed purple rice with pineapple is a staple food for Dai people, which is also tasteful.

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When referring to the Dai nationality, people often think about water. The custom of water-splashing is an unforgettable experience to many tourists. The Water-Splashing Festival is in mid-April and lasts three to five days. During the festival, the door of every home is decorated with multicolored paper-cuts. All the villagers dress in their holiday best. And the Dai people drench others with water all day long. They will sprinkle people lightly to show their sincere wish for good fortune, then soak others to the skin to be sure that the following days will be filled with the greatest possible prosperity and happiness. Nowadays, water splashing has became a symbol of good luck.


Besides, the occasion is marked by a variety of entertainment, including singing and dancing, fireworks-displaying, boat-racing and exhibiting air-borne lanterns. In the evening, they will fly Kongming lanterns to celebrate the coming new year.


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