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Get Your Adrenaline Pumping In China With Some Adventure Sports!

China doesn’t quite come to mind immediately when you think of adventure sports. That is probably going to change in the future as there is so much that China has to offer for adrenaline travel junkies who want to get their heart racing at a million miles per second while experiencing the pure natural beauty of a country. 

Don't miss these incredible opportunities that combine adventure with the unique historic and stunningly beautiful landscapes of China.

Bungee Jump at Qinglong Gorge


Image Credit: Visitbeijing

Hiking the Great Wall of China is a great idea that can only be topped by jumping with it as the backdrop. The bungee jump at Qinglong Gorge is just one of the many activities that will set your heart racing. Just a short train ride from Beijing North Railway Station, this beautiful gorge with deep green waters also offers zip-lining and rock climbing. Before making your jump from a height of about 70 meters above water, you could explore the area that holds the part of the Great Wall that was built during the Ming Dynasty. You can even see the Mutianyu Great Wall from the highest point of the Qinglong Gorge Great Wall, the Yu Huang Tai. 

Discover The Ancient Lion City in Qiandao Lake


Image Credit: Europics/Dailymail

Scuba divers sit up. Your dream of exploring an ancient underwater city will come true in Qiandao Lake, Zhejiang. Beneath the calm waters of the lake lies Lion City. The reason why it’s underwater isn’t quite as romantic, but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

Qiandao Lake, which means Thousand-Island Lake, was created in 1959 when the Chinese government flooded the base of the Five Lion Mountain to create a massive hydroelectric station. This not only forced almost 300,000 people to relocate but also quite conveniently submerged the city at the foot of the mountain. The Chinese Atlantis was then forgotten till recently with growing interest from divers worldwide.  

It’s surprising how well-preserved the sunken city is, and you can most definitely admire the intricate carvings on some 265 arches. It is said that even the wooden beams and stairs remain intact. 

Qiandao Lake is a 5 hours bus ride from Shanghai, where you can find specialized dive operators who run trips there.

Mountain Biking in Yunnan


Image Credit: Wikimedia

Yunnan is a region of spectacular scenery with plenty of hiking opportunities that will take you through villages and agriculture, and see the various ethnic minority groups in China. If you’re feeling up to it and time is no issue, do a 2-week bike tour that takes you to the major spots in Yunnan- Kunming, Dali, Shangri-La Lijiang, and Lugu Lake. You may even take a few days to trade the bike for a pair of hiking shoes at the Tiger Leaping Gorge.   

Biking and hiking around the smaller villages give you a much deeper sense of the landscape of Yunnan and a close glimpse of life in what is often called the most beautiful region of China.

If you would rather avoid the risk of getting hopeless lost, there are a number of mountain biking specialist operators in Yunnan whom you can arrange a tour with.

Hiking Mount Huashan


Image Credit: Flickr

Love a good hike?  How about adding the “most dangerous hiking trail” under your belt? It’s not your multi-day hike, which requires super professional gear and athletic ability. Instead, the Mount Huashan

claim to fame just takes lots of guts and a pair of steady legs and arms.

This poetically beautiful mountain is one of the most sacred mountains for Taoists and is known to have inspired poets and artists with its dramatic cliffs and sheer drops. Clearly, for some, it’s not poems and paintings that come to mind when faced with a precipitous drop to nothingness.

Apparently, this part of the trail has claimed some lives. We’re definitely not surprised. 

Paragliding in Shanghai

To get a feel of the world beneath your feet, look no further than Shanghai itself. No, we don’t mean the impossible skyscrapers and fancy rooftop restaurants, but a paragliding experience.

Not far from the hustle and bustle of downtown, the nature of Shanghai beckons with a flight experience. Maurizio Romano runs a paragliding school where you can take a course to learn how to fly solo or go on a tandem ride with him to take in some fresh air and great scenery.

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