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Back in Time in Dunhuang-the Gone Prosperity of Silk Road

Travelling alone, wandering alone, some people love living a life like this. Talking to oneself, talking to the sky.


In Dunhuang, you may feel nothing but silence and loneliness. No high rises, no traffic, just the sand and the wind. Dazedly, like back in time, you may see the amazing landscape written in ancient Chinese poems. When arriving here in person, however, you may marvel at what you can feel more than your imagination.


The Singing Sands Mountain and the Crescent Moon Lake

The harmonious coexistence of sand and water, you’ll be surprised by the incredible beauty of the nature. Sitting on the hillside of the Singing Sands Mountain at 7 o’clock, enjoying the sunset, the yellow sand alternating with the blue sky, all these things make you calm.


Lying on sand, you can’t help thinking about what happened on the Silk Road during the past two thousand years. But no matter how stunning they have been, now they are buried by sand, leaving the song of the Singing Sands Mountain and the resound of camel bells.


Mogao Grottos

In the Mogao Grottos, surrounded by lots of fantastic murals, the great beauty is beyond words. The murals are vivid as if you were in the flourishing period of Tang Dynasty. The prosperity of the Silk Road in ancient time seems like in front of you, though there are almost sand and rock in fact. This unprecedented sense of history only can be accessed in Dunhuang.



If you have ever picked up some ancient Chinese poems, you must know the Yangguan. You don’t know the time formed the history or the nature bury the past. But when looking over the Yangguan, everything happened thousand years ago comes back to you. The Great Walls of Han Dynasty and the ancient smoke tower have been revealed by the wild wind.


Come on! Let’s go to Dunhuang. To enjoy the silence and the grandeur with riding camels.


Mountain High in LianzhouThe Mysterious Namsto Lake→
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