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CATEGORY: Culture Shock
  • The Strange Laws of China

    Being a law-abiding citizen comes easily in some countries, and is a little more difficult in others. This is especially so if you happen to live in a country that enforces some pretty difficult and bizarre laws. China is no stranger to strange laws. Get acquainted with these!

  • Yaogun – Beijing’s Best Rock n Roll Dives

    When you think of Beijing you probably imagine fantastical Ming palaces, the austere edifices of socialism or the vast Great Wall meandering its way over forested hills. You might conjure to mind the scholars and scribes, the courtiers, artisans, eunuch and royal concubines who once inhabited the imperial citadel. Or perhaps you think of contemporary China – crowded highways, a festering high-tech industry, malls decorated with the plastic trappings of consumerism. Rock music is seldom what comes immediately to mind when one thinks of the Chinese capital.

  • Beijing Through Literature

    We tend to get to know a place through its writers: Victorian England through Dickens, the American South through Faulkner, Colombia through Marquez and Paris via Baudelaire. And of course, Beijing is no exception, with rich literary heritage and plenty of associated sites of pilgrimage for the bookish backpacker to uncover.

  • Detox your mind and body in Beijing

    Beijing, the giant capital of China overseeing the lives of 1.4 billion people. It has been the capital of China for much of the last 900 hundred years. Today the municipality is home to almost 22 million people, more if you consider the satellite towns fast converging as the Jing-jin-ji megalopolis. It is home to seven UNESCO world heritage sites, China’s best universities including Peking and Qinghua, the country’s major political institutions as well as many corporate headquarters. Its subway is the world busiest and the “city of bicycles” could just as well be dubbed the city of cars, trucks, scooters and motorbikes. In 2008 Beijing hosted the world’s most expensive Olympics and it will host the Winter Olympics in 2022.

  • 5 feminine products that are hard to find in China

    China is the home of cheap clothing and products, but although it seems like everything is made in China, it may not be readily available in China. So leave a section in your luggage for these 5 feminine products that are hard to find.

  • First Time Travelers To China

    5 Things First Time Travelers To China Need To Know

    ​From the language and culture to the food and festivals, China is a country known for its diversity. With people everywhere, loads of noise and a constant hustle, first time visitors to this country can easily get overwhelmed. Before you land on Chinese soil, here are a few things first time travelers need to know to make your trip to China an awesome one.


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