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CATEGORY: China Cuisines & Food
  • The Historical City-Huichang

    Huichang county, with picturesque scenery, lies in the southeast of Ganzhou city in East China’s Jiangxi province. The county covers an area of 2,722 square kilometers, with a population of 510,000 people. It has a rich connotations of Hakka culture, so the majority of people speak Hakka here.

  • Moon Cakes in China

    A moon cake is a Chinese bakery product traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is a kind of cookie with various fillings and different artistic pattern patterns on the surface.

  • The Five Food on Tomb Sweeping Day

    On Tomb Sweeping Day, people in China will make diferent food to commemorate the things or persons in the history.

  • A Nice Tour in Qingdao

    It is a nice journey in Qingdao.

  • A list of Chongqing Cuisine

    As a historical city, Chongqing owns many traditional and featured food. At the journey of Chongqing, i have a taste of its delicious dishes.

  • The Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas in China

    Wondering where you could get into the festive cheer in China? Look no further!

  • Chinese Desserts - Do They Even Exist?

    Baffled by the non-existent dessert menu in Chinese restaurants? Look out for these yummy desserts in your next trip!

  • Spiritual China, A Pilgrimage to China's Most Sacred Sites

    News and media about China today would have you thinking that China is an unapologetically capitalist country that has abandoned its cultural and spiritual roots. However, while the modern Chinese are not generally known to be deeply religious or spiritual, it’s still, after all, the birthplace of Taoism and has played an important part in the development and diffusion of Buddhism.

  • Culture Shock in China - Customs and Etiquette!

    Wondering what are the Do's and Don'ts in China? Keep these in mind and impress your new Chinese friends!

  • Noodles Unwound: China's Most Popular Styles of Noodles

    Though many civilizations along the fabled Silk Road claim to have invented noodles, scribes of the Han dynasty were the first to document what was fast becoming a Han China staple dish. Over successive dynasties, the consumption of noodles evolved and spread throughout the Celestial Empire where different regions interpreted and molded noodle consumption to fit local mores and tastes.

  • 6 Chinese Beauty Secrets for Lasting Good Looks

    Ever wondered why the Chinese often look younger than they really are? Here are some of their secrets to everlasting beauty.

  • The 6 of the Weirdest Restaurants in Beijing

    The 6 of the Weirdest Restaurants in Beijing

    Beijing has some of the finest restaurants in the world serving delicious Chinese food, but with the good comes the…weird? Yes, Beijing offers foodies a mouthful weird and wonderful culinary experiences.

  • Eating Out in Guangzhou

    Given the large southern Chinese diaspora and Canton chef’s dominance in the kitchens of the world, Cantonese food is today a global commodity. Indeed, if you haven’t been to China, what you deem “Chinese food” might well be Cantonese in origin. The eclectic if distinctive fare of the Middle Kingdom’s Deep South is one (if not the) most revered of all China’s Eight Culinary Traditions, unmatched in the clarity of its flavours and its appealing presentation. Nowadays it’s enjoyed nationwide in China, from Beijing to Shanghai. But to taste the real deal you’ll need to head to Guangdong’s provincial capital Guangzhou, a city where eating out is more a religion than a means of sustenance.

  • One day in XiTang

    If you find yourself working in Shanghai, it may be hard to leave the city. Vacations are few and far in between, and national holidays are never a good time to travel. However, there are a few trips you can take just during the weekend, and one of the few I took was from Shanghai to Xi Tang and Hangzhou. Both of these places definitely deserved more time, but if you're short on time, you can see a good chunk of these 2 cities. Here's what I did in 1 day in Xi Tang.

  • 7 Yummilicious Vegetarian restaurants in Beijing

    Who says it's hard being a vegetarian in Beijing? These 7 restaurants will impress even the most devoted meat eater.

  • Top 4 Child-Friendly Destinations To Visit In China

    Top 4 Child-Friendly Destinations In China

    Travelling with kids can be tough, but with the variety of attractions and activities to do and see, China is perfect for a family vacation. From amusement parks to seeing pandas, this beautiful country offers the entire family. Here are a few destinations in China that both children and their parents will love.

  • China in Five Drinks

    China has long been associated with tea, "the China drink" as europeans once dubbed it. Indeed, cha remains the most popular beverage, served with food or between meals as ritualized, social practise. But China is big, its culture rich, and thus it logically produces all manner of means to wet-your-whistle. Here are some of the thirst-quenchers popular in the Middle Kingdom today.

  • Travelling for tea? Here are China's best spots

    For tea aficionados, travelling for tea brings about the same heady buzz that wine lovers get when visiting vineyards. Legends of the origins of tea abound, and the most popular goes back in time to 2737 BC...

  • Explore Guangxi, the region of sublime scenery

    Guangxi is a gem in Southern China with landscapes that will take your breath away.

  • 7 Free Things to Do in Shanghai

    Shanghai is one of the most expensive cities in China, but to truly get a look into a city you don’t have to break the bank. Here are 7 places in Shanghai that you can explore for free!


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