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  • The Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas in China

    Wondering where you could get into the festive cheer in China? Look no further!

  • The most beautiful wedding locations in China

    Get married and have a honeymoon in some of the most beautiful locations in China

  • The Strange Laws of China

    Being a law-abiding citizen comes easily in some countries, and is a little more difficult in others. This is especially so if you happen to live in a country that enforces some pretty difficult and bizarre laws. China is no stranger to strange laws. Get acquainted with these!

  • Get Your Adrenaline Pumping In China With Some Adventure Sports!

    China may not be the world's adventure capital yet, but it's definitely got its share of activities to get your adrenaline rushing.

  • Quintessential Shanghai Experiences That You Won't Forget

    Shanghai can feel like an overwhelming metropolis to explore. As you zip around the trendiest places in town, it’s easy to lament at how globalization has made all the major cities similar, predictable, and dare I say, boring. The good news is that Shanghai isn’t all that same-old-global-city if you just seek out moments and spots in the city that won’t quite remind you of home.

  • Made In China: Amazing Chinese inventions of the ancient world

    These four Made In China products of the ancient world have changed the course of history. Do you know them?

  • Chinese Desserts - Do They Even Exist?

    Baffled by the non-existent dessert menu in Chinese restaurants? Look out for these yummy desserts in your next trip!

  • The Art Lovers Guide to Shanghai

    Where should art lovers go? Shanghai! The city is a powerhouse of contemporary art is waiting to be discovered.

  • A Chinese Halloween: the Hungry Ghost Festival

    Did you know? China has its very own Halloween, the Hungry Ghost Festival! No, it's not a big party, but it sure is an interesting festival to observe.

  • The Best Places in China to See Autumn Foliage

    Is there anything more poetic and sublime than watching leaves turn a rich hue of amber, with clear blue autumn skies and beautiful weather? Autumn is a time that reminds us in the Northern Hemisphere that the year is ending. It’s also a time when the peak summer tourist season has passed, and you get to enjoy scenery and sightseeing with more breathing space and tranquillity. Admire this change of seasons in some of the most gorgeous viewing spots in China.

  • The Wonderfully Unusual Hotels of China

    Skip the chain hotels, skip the rowdy hostels, and yes, skip the good ‘ole guesthouse. For once, treat yourself to a hotel that’s a destination in itself, an experience to remember, whether luxurious or just downright wacky. China’s share of strange, quirky and downright unusual hotels will add that little jazz back to your usual holiday accommodation choices. It goes without saying that you should book early to avoid disappointment!

  • Spiritual China, A Pilgrimage to China's Most Sacred Sites

    News and media about China today would have you thinking that China is an unapologetically capitalist country that has abandoned its cultural and spiritual roots. However, while the modern Chinese are not generally known to be deeply religious or spiritual, it’s still, after all, the birthplace of Taoism and has played an important part in the development and diffusion of Buddhism.

  • Hainan, the unexpected tropical getaway in China

    Sun, sand, salty air and breeze. Welcome to Hainan, China, the tropical island you probably never heard of. Sure, it may not have the exotic vibe of Southeast Asia, but if you’re looking to see a different side of China and soak yourself in glorious sun rays, Hainan is your answer.

  • The Philosophies That Shape China

    Learn about the three major philosophies that have shaped China in its 5000 years of history.

  • The Most Fascinating Minority Groups of China

    Chinese cultural diversity can be found in the 55 ethnic minority groups. Check out the most fascinating ones!

  • Culture Shock in China - Customs and Etiquette!

    Wondering what are the Do's and Don'ts in China? Keep these in mind and impress your new Chinese friends!

  • Unmissable Markets in China

    Antiques, tea, clothes and the best street food- you don't want to miss any of these amazing markets in China!

  • 6 Chinese Beauty Secrets for Lasting Good Looks

    Ever wondered why the Chinese often look younger than they really are? Here are some of their secrets to everlasting beauty.

  • A Musical Odyssey through China

    Curious about Chinese music? Explore the rich history and wonderful sounds of traditional, folk, and modern Chinese music!

  • Unforgettable rail journeys in China

    Traverse the country in the slow, old-fashioned way and appreciate the massiveness and diversity of China.

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Tilda is a happy sufferer of chronic wanderlust. When she isn't spending a disproportionate amount of time Googling about places and cultures, she's writing, dancing, and navigating a massive career change. She shares stories and photography on Wanderful People, and shares her coffee with no one.


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