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The Nine Border Cities in China

When opening a map of China, have you ever been curious about a line? The line crosses the mountain, plateau, grassland, desert and plains, crossing dozens of ethnic and exotic settlements. It is an incomparable line. This time, I will take you to enjoy the nine border cities in China.

Dongxin, Guangxi

Dongxing, located in the southwest border of China, is the only road to Vietnam. Here are blue sky, fresh air, pure clear water, hardworking fishermen, as well as Vietnamese girls. Stay here,, you will have a pleasure trip.guangzhou.png

Tengchong, Yunnan

Tengchong city, located in the southwest of Baoshan city, Yunnan Province, is the important hub in the ancient southwest Silk Road. It is famous for its overseas Chinese, the state of culture and famous jade collection and distribution center. It is a historical and cultural city.  Due to the geographical location, the city was stationed by a large number of troops. What’s more, a stone city was built in Ming Dynasty, called “the first city on the edge”.


Pulan, Tibet

Pulan, located in the junction of China, India and Nepal, is one of the Buddhist holy land of Tibet. You can have a taste of the mystery of Kamiyama and Sunlake, and enjoy the beauty picture of wide plant and various animals.


Kashi, Xinjiang

If you do not go to Kashi, you cannot say that you have visit the Xinjiang. There are praises of Kashi, such as hometown of fruits, father of iceberg, the gathering place of jade. Besides, the Uygur girls who are good at singing and dancing will hospitally bring you a brilliant tour experience.


Yili, Xinjiang

Yili is known as “Flower City”, “Wet Island in Central Asia” and “the South in frontier region”. Its beauty of mysterious snow mountain and romantic Lavender fields has made itself more dazzling in the desert.


Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia

As the Sino-Russian border city, Manzhouli has distinctive scenery. The Hulun Lake, like sapphire, inlays in the Hulun Buir Grassland. Through a century of ups and downs, historical transforms, as well as frontier trade development, up to today, MANZHOULI has been the largest land port in China, the most well-known international trade city.


Mohe, Heilongjiang

The winter in Mohe country is always solid snow; the summer is always gorgeous northern lights. It is the coldest city in the northern of China, but it will bring you a different feeling of warmness.


Fuyuan, Heilongjiang

Fuyuan is the first place to see the sun in China. There are Wusu Town titled the hero of the Oriental first post, the temple in memory of Baisiye, ancient culture relics of Jin Ming Dynasty, and mysterious marsh landscape.


Dandong, Liaoling

Dandong is the easternmost starting point of the Great Wall in China, and the northernmost origin of China thousands of coastlines. You will be amazed at the Manchuria customs, including Dalu Island, Yalu River, Phoenix Mountain, Dandong drum, Korean cuisine, etc.





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