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The best 5 places to view cherry flowers in China

Spring is the best time to enjoy the beauty of cherry flowers. In China, there are five places for tourists to visit. If you want to have a look, you would never miss the following places introduced.

The first place is Wuhan University. There is a cherry avenue in the college so that you can watch the cherry flowers and enjoy their flavors when wondering at the avenue. When a soft wind goes by, you will enjoy falling cherry flowers, just like white snow.


The second place is Moll Hill. The highlight spot in the Moll Hill is to visit cherry at night. There are colorful lights under the cherry trees, once turning on, appearing charming scenery. It is a unique time to enjoy cherry flowers at night.


The third place is Qingdao Zhongshan  Park. It is said that the Zhongshan Park owns the most quantity of cherry flowers in China about 20 thousand. And the age of cherry trees is more than 40 years.


The forth place is Yuyuantan in Beijing. It is a sacred place to visit cherry. There is annually Yuyuantan Cherry Blossom Fair in the park, attracting visitors to enjoy the beauty of spring.


The fifth place is Yuantong Shan. The distinguished scenery in the park is the tidewater of cherry blossom. Thousand of cherry trees and crabapples have crated a giant flower sea. You will feel that you are wondering in a wonderland.


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