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China's 7 Most Unique Hotels

Hotels can sometimes take away from the experience of traveling when you stay in a standard room that is pretty much the same worldwide. If you’re looking for a unique experience and are willing to splurge a bit, here are some places in China worth taking a look.

1) Ayard of Ch’an – Leshan, Sichuan


Source: Ayard of Ch’an

If you’re interested in immersing yourself in Buddhism while visiting the Leshan Giant Buddha, you may be interested in staying in the Ayard of Ch’an. This luxury boutique hotel is inspired by Zen Buddhism. The simple, but elegant rooms come in 4 styles that follow the phases of Buddhist meditative practice. Shu Xin (ease the mind), Jing Xin (clear the mind), ChengXin (purify the mind), and Du Xin (free the mind). The rooms have a warm natural theme and have all the amenities of a luxury hotel. The hotel also has a traditional teahouse where you can partake in a gongfu tea ceremony and a restaurant where you can enjoy vegetarian meals that are in line with Buddhist culture and traditions. 

2) Cours Et Pavillons – Beijing, Hebei


Source: slh

Once a cluster of hutong houses, the Cours Et Pavillons has been transformed to infuse 21st-century style into the traditional architecture. With just seven rooms, this exclusive hotel is a step into a private world. Guests can experience get a glimpse into the life of ancient China, with the hotel's traditional courtyards and Ming dynasty interior decorations. However, this hotel also offers all the luxuries of a high-class hotel with Jacuzzis in some suites, a French restaurant, and butler service.

3) Hotel Eclat Beijing – Beijing, Hebei


Source: ihotelier

If you had enough of the ancient culture in Beijing and wanted to step forward into the future, then you should check out the Hotel Eclat. Located in Beijing’s business district, the distinct futuristic pyramid architecture is out of this the world. This hotel has an astounding private art collection, designer boutiques, restaurants, cinemas, and is complete with luxury suites that have private terraces and pools.

4) Banyan Tree Lijiang – Lijiang, Yunnan


Source: homedsgn

Located in the scenic region of Yunnan, at the base of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The Banyan Tree Lijiang is a luxury resort that offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountain and foothills. This resort emulates the local charm of the Lijiang people, with water canals, quaint bridges, and cobblestone streets. The resort is only second to its surrounding sceneries; you can visit the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge, the old town of Lijiang which is a UNESCO world heritage site and of course admire the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

5) Elite Spring Villas – Anxi, Fujian


Source: slh

Completely immerse yourself in the peaceful gardens and teas of the Anxi mountains. A stay in one of the private villas in Anxi, Fujian will soothe your mind, body, and soul. Relax in a open-air pool, soak in the tea infused hot springs, experience an authentic tea ceremony with leaves picked fresh from the Anxi tea plantation and eat local ethnic minority specialties of the Min and Yue people. The spacious rooms with high vaulted ceilings leading out to the traditional garden will give you a sense of tranquility and are perfect for anyone looking to relax in a Zen environment.

6) Imperial Springs – Conghua, Guangzhou


Source: ImperialSprings

Want to live like a modern imperial royalty? The Imperial Springs hotel will make you feel like a modern-day emperor. Tucked away in the grassland of the Conghua region of Guangzhou with views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. This private hotel resort is complete with natural hot springs, butler service, a wide range of spa facilities, and luxury suites that provide a full range of personalized services.

7) The St Regis Lhasa Resort - Lhasa, Tibet


Source: kiwicollection

Possibly one of the highest hotels in the world at 12000 feet above sea level. The St. Regis Lhasa Resort is the place to stay to get the most luxurious Tibetan experience. After a day of exploring all the different historical and cultural treasures in Lhasa, you can extend your experience back at the resort and enjoy the many Tibetan specialty services. Enjoy a Tibetan herbal treatment in the Iridium spa, learn to cook a Tibetan meal at the social’s open kitchen, or just take a relaxing yoga class. 

If money weren't a object, which one of these gorgeous places would you like to stay?

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