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A list of Chongqing Cuisine

As a historical city, Chongqing owns many traditional and featured food. At the journey of Chongqing, i have a taste of its delicious dishes.

Once we talk about the Chongqing cuisine, the fist idea in mind is the spicy dish--hot pot. Hot pot has become a basic demand in Chongqing people s daily life. Without Hot pot, the life will be indifferent, no passion. Chongqing hot potoriginated from the Yangtze River coast, is created by the boatman and filmmakers. There are many famous restaurants like De Zhuang, Liu YI Shou, mother named Suand so on.


There is a dish which enjoys the same name in Chongqing is called Chongqing noddle. The citizen in Chongqing have the noddle as their breakfast. On the front of the noddle stalls are various people from different social levels . No matter who is a beautiful girl or Hansen gentleman, they all eat Chongqing noddle in a casual manner. The noddle different from other noddles is that it is plain noddle. There are no materials like meat and beef, only noddle with some vegetables.


Chongqing saliva chicken is a traditional Chinese dishes in Sichuan, which belongs to cold dishes. The dish is integrated with the taste of spicy,fresh and tender. It is really spicy and refreshing when you eat it. The dish enjoys a great reputation. There are a poem said that the dish is famous in the area of Bashu and its taste is super than the twelve countries in South China.


Hot and sour rice noddle, one of the Chongqing famous snacks, due to its hot and sour taste, cheap price, has favored by the locals in a long term. Its characteristic are hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant, sour and oil and not greasy. Once you have a taste of the dish, you will have a feeling that cannot explain. Great!


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