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Best Places for Discount Shopping in Shanghai

Known around the world for all the products manufactured in the country, it's no wonder that China is a shopaholics paradise. From local specialties to electronics to antiques, anything you could ever want can be found for sale in China. In major cities like Shanghai and Beijing, people open businesses from all over China and the world to sell their goods. Here are a few places where you can get the best bang for your buck in Shanghai.

1) South Bund Fabric Market


Source: ferretingoutthefun

The best place for all things fabric, but as a tourist you may not be looking to buy yards of fabric to bring home. However, this market is the best place to buy custom fitted clothes! A custom-fitted outfit might set you back a few hundred USD, but in the fabric market they will only cost a few hundred yuan, and its top quality to boot. You can bring in your own design, picture or choose from their sample designs (some of which copy famous brand name designers). They will then take your measurements and have it ready for you in a week or less. I personally had two very high-quality coats made that both cost around 350 yuan, which is equivalent to around $55 USD!

2) Qipu Road Clothing Market


Source: shanghaihalfpat

This markets name sounds like the English word “cheap” with a Chinese accent and rightfully so! The Qipu Road Clothing Market is an infamous wholesale shopping market with several malls packed with small shops and retailers. Make sure to check out Qipu XingWang Clothing Market, containing lots of clothing from local, Asian, and Western brands. This mall also connects to the Shanghai XingWang International Finery City which has similar products, but also formal wear and accessories.

3) FengZhuang Tea Square


Source: destination-asia

You can’t go to China without drinking or buying some tea. At FengZhuang Tea Square you can do both! With over 120 tea shops, you can find tea from all over China in one place. At most stores, you can taste tea for free and buy as much or as little as you want. Some famous teas to look out include the Dragon Well or Longjing tea which is a famous green tea grown near the West Lake of Hangzhou. Da Hong Pao Oolong tea is also one of the most famous teas in China but can be quite expensive. There are also hundreds of other types of teas grown by local producers, so be sure to try out more than just the well-known ones.

4) Yuyuan Bazaar


Source: twosuitcasesandatinpot

After touring the classic Ming Dynasty Yu Garden, do some shopping at the Yuyuan Bazaar. At the market, you can pick up souvenirs like silk fans, bamboo crafts, shell carvings, antiques, paintings and more! It's also a great place to try local snacks like xiao long bao, leisha dumplings, and crab shell cake. It can get quite crowded during the weekends, so make sure to try and come sometime during the weekdays.

5) Cyber Market


Source: pulangpergi

The Cyber Market is the place to go for all your electronic gadgets. From laptops, cameras, to projectors and software. All your electronic needs can be found here. Not only can you haggle for some good deals on well-known brands, but if you’re looking to buy Chinese branded electronics, this is the place to buy it. There is usually a 10-20% price difference from when you buy in a regularly retail store versus if you purchase from one of these wholesale counters.

These are all great places to buy discounted products, but the key here is to bargain! Never take the first price, vendors expect you to bargain so they always start off with the highest price they think you would pay. I would say to always bargain with a 30-50% discount to start and go from there. When you feel like the value of the product is a certain price, but the shopkeeper just won’t accept it, try walking away and in most cases, they will chase you down and give you the price that you want.

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