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Eat egg embryo in Nanjing?!?

Arguably one of the best thing about traveling is eating different and new cuisine! However, would you be up for eating chicken embryo?


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One of the most famous restaurants in Nanjing is Nanjing Da Pai Dang (南京大排档). It’s well known among locals and foreigners for their great atmosphere, affordable prices and tasty dishes. It’s most popular Nanjing specialty is the Huo Zhuzi (活珠子), which roughly translates to living bead and on the menu you can find it as “eggs with legs”.


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Now you might be wondering what this egg with legs could possibly be. This dish is basically a chicken egg that has partially developed to the point where there is a recognizable tiny chicken inside. Wait, wait, wait… Yes, I know it sounds rather unappetizing, but it tastes more or less like a normal egg with a bit of chicken meat. Like with every delicacy there is a special way to eat this dish. First, you poke a hole at the top of the egg and drink the soup inside, then you can pull out the little chicken with your chopsticks (if there are any baby hairs, feel free to pull that off), season with the spices given, and enjoy!


However, If you're not feeling that adventurous, this restaurant also serves many other Nanjing specialties such as Tangbao, Shredded tofu in chicken broth, duck soaked in brine, and much more. You can find their complete menu on their website that in available in English!


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DeJi Branch


Deji Plaza, Xinjiekou

Tel: 025-84722777 

King Lion Plaza Branch

Hunan Road-No. 2

Lion’s Bridge, Hunan Road

Tel: 025-83305777

Longjiang Branch

Hexi Area-1F

Zhongqing Mansion, No.96 Caochangmen St.

Tel: 025-86218777

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