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The Five Food on Tomb Sweeping Day

China is a vast county with various food. In different festival, people in China will prepare special dishes to celebrate or memory this special day. As Tomb Sweeping Day hasn’t been out for long, it is a proper time to make a summary of the food eaten in that day around the country.

Green rice ball

People in the south of China often eat this kind of green colored balls made from glutinous rice on Tomb Sweeping Day. The green color is from the juice of brome grass that is added in the rice. It is a traditional Chinese desert, which is tasteful with a flavours of fresh grass.


San zi

In both Northern and Southern China, it is a tradition to eat san zi, or fried dough twist, on Tomb Sweeping Day. It originated from the Cold Food Festival. Nowadays, The differences between san zi made by Northern and Southern people lie in sizes and materials. The former one is larger, often made from wheat and the latter is finer and made from rice.


Thin pancake

People in Xiamen in Fujian province often have thin pancakes on Tomb Sweeping Day. Dried seaweed, omelette, veggies and chili sauce are added in the pancakes to enhance the flavor. The thin pancake with more vegetables predicts the blossom of farmland or family.


Steamed rice with leaf mustard

In many places in eastern Fujian province, people often steamed rice with leaf mustard on Tomb Sweeping Day to prevent scabies and other skin diseases. Today, the rice can be cooked with many jardiniere to be more tasteful and attractive.


Ai ban

There is an old saying that you will never get illness if you eat Ai ban during Tomb Sweeping Day. Ai ban, rice dumplings made from worm wood and rice, is a necessary dish on that day. They blend wormwood paste and glutinous rice powder together and add sesame, peanuts and black-eyed beans. It is really deserved to have a taste of the food.


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