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Guilin: Return to Nature

To my understanding, travel is way to release extra physical energy and return to nature of your own. We squeeze some time out of busy schedule and go to a completely strange place where we enjoin the world with green hills and clear rivers and listen to our inner voice. Guilin is such a place that can uplift your spirit and keep you away from high-speed society. When we talk about Guilin, many people may think the famous saying “ Guilin’s scenery is the best in the world.” Yes, Guilin’s livable climate and environment attract the ancestors to here 30 thousand years ago, its special landscape and transportation also allure many poets to here.


I like Guilin because it has splendid mountains that I had ever seen, because it has clear water without any pollution. I enjoyed the fresh air and listened to the song Baikal Lake sang by singer Lijian, in that moment my world get the inner peace without any social noise. It is no wonder that this view would be printed on the Renminbi.


Located in the west shore of the Lijiang River, the mountain was called “Elephant Hill” by local people because it looks like an elephant driving water. The elephant hill is steep and its rocks are of antiquity. Between “trunk” and “leg” of elephant hill, there is a water and moon cave that is like a bright moon floating in the river, which is called “Water and Moon of Elephant Hill”.


Guilin is a multi-ethnic city, Hui, Zhuang, Miao, Yao, Dong and other nationalities account to 28 minorities, taking up 85% of the total population of Guilin. Those minorities maintain a simple and colorful folk customs, such as the three Song Festival of Zhuang Nationality in March, Panwang Festival of Yao Nationality, Danu Festival, Fireworks Festival of Dong Nationality and Winter Festival, which has a great attraction to foreign tourists. Although more than 10 ethnic minorities live together, they have maintained their own customs.


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Diana is a lovely young lady who has spent most of her leisure time exploring the vast and splendid land of China. Her next trip will be the mysterious Tibet.


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