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  • Culture Shock in China - Customs and Etiquette!

    Wondering what are the Do's and Don'ts in China? Keep these in mind and impress your new Chinese friends!

  • 5 Common Myths About China

    China is a country with a long history and has many legends, myth, and beliefs. From the outside looking in, a lot of the situations and events in China may not be what they seem. Many stories have been invented and misconstrued. Here are 5 common myth about China debunked.

  • The Wonders of Wuhan

    Right in the middle of the Middle Kingdom, mighty Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province – for centuries a rich agricultural basin bisected by the Yangtze River. Wuhan is a tri-city, a conglomeration of Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang, so it stands to reason that the present headcount is over ten million souls, making it the most populous city in central China. Nowadays Wuhan is a thriving student town with a plethora of higher-education institutions attracting the region's best and brightest. Driving Hubei’s economic wheels Wuhan produces many of the world’s automobiles, as well as pharmaceuticals and steel. But it’s along the thread-lines of Hubei’s 3,500 years of history that we uncover what has made Wuhan the core Chinese city it is today.

  • Unmissable Markets in China

    Antiques, tea, clothes and the best street food- you don't want to miss any of these amazing markets in China!

  • 5 Things to know If you want to be an intern in China

    From the outside looking in, a lot of people still think that China is the land of opportunity and that if you want to make money, China’s the place to be. Well maybe that might still be true, but now that China is basically a fully developed country, economy wise. Big opportunities are few and far in between. However because of this image, hundreds of thousands of interns and expats apply to work in China. I was one of them 2 years ago and I want to share with you 5 things you need to know if you want to intern in China.

  • 6 Thing You Can Only Do In Chongqing

    6 Thing You Can Only Do In Chongqing

    Located in central China, Chongqing is a sprawling municipality which is intersected by the Jialing River as well as the Yangtze River. These rivers make for beautiful landscapes including the famous Three Gorges. The municipality is also has mountainous areas which is home to ancient cities, rock art and various temples. Because of its amazing location there are certain things that you can do in Chongqing that you can’t do anywhere else in the world.

  • Noodles Unwound: China's Most Popular Styles of Noodles

    Though many civilizations along the fabled Silk Road claim to have invented noodles, scribes of the Han dynasty were the first to document what was fast becoming a Han China staple dish. Over successive dynasties, the consumption of noodles evolved and spread throughout the Celestial Empire where different regions interpreted and molded noodle consumption to fit local mores and tastes.

  • Is the Xia Dynasty Just a Legend?

    ​You may have never heard of the Xia Dynasty before. It is believed to be the first dynastic clan to rule over China, but there are almost no archeological remains to prove the written records. So it has been considered a legend by many modern historians.

  • 6 Chinese Beauty Secrets for Lasting Good Looks

    Ever wondered why the Chinese often look younger than they really are? Here are some of their secrets to everlasting beauty.

  • Detox your mind and body in Beijing

    Beijing, the giant capital of China overseeing the lives of 1.4 billion people. It has been the capital of China for much of the last 900 hundred years. Today the municipality is home to almost 22 million people, more if you consider the satellite towns fast converging as the Jing-jin-ji megalopolis. It is home to seven UNESCO world heritage sites, China’s best universities including Peking and Qinghua, the country’s major political institutions as well as many corporate headquarters. Its subway is the world busiest and the “city of bicycles” could just as well be dubbed the city of cars, trucks, scooters and motorbikes. In 2008 Beijing hosted the world’s most expensive Olympics and it will host the Winter Olympics in 2022.

  • 6 Of The Best Road Trips In China

    6 Of The Best Road Trips In China

    Put pedal to metal and cruise along China’s expressways and national highways to discover the true natural beauty, unique construction and incredible villages that this massive country has to offer. From roads that run through mountains to those that are elevated hundreds of metres in the air, when it comes to road tripping in China you are in for an incredible experience. Here are six of the best road trips to do in China.

  • Revitalise in Bama

    The Bama Yao Autonomous County in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is no easy find. The bus departs provincial capital Nanning and follows an expressway through the pastoral lands of the South, veering past banana plantations, rice fields, grubby roadside garages and pig farms until it finds the hills. Here the Han Chinese lowlands submit to the highlands of Zhuang and Yao peoples, isolated villages clinging to the crooked karst landscape that dominates and defines so much of southwest China.

  • A Musical Odyssey through China

    Curious about Chinese music? Explore the rich history and wonderful sounds of traditional, folk, and modern Chinese music!

  • 6 Places That Will Make You Fall In Love With Tibet

    A must-visit for those who want to see a more authentic China, free of skyscrapers, crazy traffic and polluted air, is heading to Tibet - a region on the Tibetan Plateau in Asia. Visiting this region is like taking a step back in time and exploring a whole other world.

  • Dive into the legends and history of Jiangxi’s Capital, Nanchang

    Wedged between Fujian and Hunan the landlocked southern province of Jiangxi is often overshadowed by its more boisterous neighbours. This has had the converse affect of preserving a lush environment of rice fields and forested hills, not to mention leaving Jiangxi’s many cultural and historic sites unburdened by marauding tour groups.


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