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  • The River Towns of Kunshan

    The city of Kushan, nestled between Shanghai and Suzhou, is oft overlooked by its larger neighbours. This is a shame as it had been a source of great influence in ancient China, nurturing many musical forms notably Kun Opera (the mother of Chinese operas), carving kun stone (a prized precious stone) as well as harvesting a bounty of food shipped up the grand canal to feed Beijing. Today the city is largely a manufacturing base for Taiwanese and Japanese firms but its traditions remain well preserved in the ancient river towns that still surround it.

  • 5 Tools to help you travel

    Traveling can be stressful and doesn’t leave much room for error. Here are 5 tools that can help you ease your travel experience and make sure your prepared before you leave.

  • Everything You Need To Know About The Great Wall of China

    Everything You Need To Know About The Great Wall of China

    Topping many people’s bucket lists, The Great Wall of China offers tourist a unique opportunity to learn about the country and experience the beauty of China’s countryside. For anyone who wants to head to see part of the wall, walk the full length or just get a few photo for social media, here is everything you need to know about The Great Wall of China.

  • Travelling for tea? Here are China's best spots

    For tea aficionados, travelling for tea brings about the same heady buzz that wine lovers get when visiting vineyards. Legends of the origins of tea abound, and the most popular goes back in time to 2737 BC...

  • Most Beautiful Islands in China

    Most Beautiful Islands in China

    With over 11 000 miles of coastline, China boasts a variety of beautiful islands which have stunning beaches, romantic getaways and amazing landscapes. The warm ocean, white sands and gorgeous accommodation options makes for the perfect island destinations. From Hainan Island with its vacation resorts to the volcanic rock island of Weizhou, here are some of the China’s most beautiful islands.

  • Dunhuang, City of a Thousand Buddhas

    Boulders scattered across the track make life difficult for the saloon car we’re riding in through the Sanwei Mountain Scenic Area. The road is uneven and stony. Eventually we have to abandoned the air-conditioned vehicle and go out on foot, walking in the arid desert heat beneath cloudless, deep blue skies. There is little shade and no other people in sight. The silence is unnerving. Our march through rocky ravines and narrow passes recalls the journey of the droids through on planet Tatoonie in the original Star Wars film. Our only company is limited to some flightless birds foraging for who knows what, for there is little life here bar a few hardy desert plants sucking-up water from deep underground

  • Explore Guangxi, the region of sublime scenery

    Guangxi is a gem in Southern China with landscapes that will take your breath away.

  • 7 Reasons To Add Zhuhai To Your Chinese Bucket List

    7 Reasons To Add Zhuhai To Your Chinese Bucket List

    Even though Zhuhai is often overlooked by tourists for bigger cities like Shanghai and Beijing, it is a definite must-add to your Chinese bucket list. Whether you’re a golfer, foodie or love shopping, this city on the border of Macau has something for everyone and has become a hub of activity.

  • 7 Free Things to Do in Shanghai

    Shanghai is one of the most expensive cities in China, but to truly get a look into a city you don’t have to break the bank. Here are 7 places in Shanghai that you can explore for free!

  • A Long Weekend in Shenzhen

    Almost every China visitor passes through Shenzhen at one point or another. Hong Kong’s sprawling neighbour to the north has four land crossings as well as ferry connections to Hong Kong Island, Zhuhai and Macau. Its port is Mainland China’s second busiest and its flashy new honeycomb airport, Shenzhen Bao’an International, has connections to all major Chinese cities as well as destinations throughout Asia. In short, Shenzhen sees a lot of traffic.

  • 5 Reasons You Should Add Tibet to Your Bucket List

    Although Tibet is quite difficult to visit for foreigners because you have to get a special permit or go with a tour group, that is also one of the reasons you should definitely visit...

  • Is there good coffee in Shanghai?

    In a nation of tea drinkers, is there really such a thing as good coffee? Well yes, absolutely! And there's where you can get your cuppa in Shanghai.

  • Jingdezhen, Porcelain Capital

    The streets are cracked and dusty. The hum of churning machinery emanates from every other building. Coolies push bamboo carts stacked heavy with sacks of clay, blue and white Ming vases or Buddha effigies down crowded alleyways. If a shop is not an open-front-workshop it’s a porcelain store brimming with plates, cups and bowls. The clumsy merchandising and sheer quantity of goods bellies the fact Jingdezhen is living breathing history, a place that lays claim to being the porcelain capital of the world, a reputation it established well over a thousand years ago.

  • Top 5 Beaches In China

    Top 5 Beaches In China

    China is not as well known for its beaches as it is for its incredible cuisine, history and incredible landmarks, but that does not mean that the country does not have beautiful beaches. If you’re looking to catch a tan, want to take a dip in either the East or South China Sea or just want to have an oceanside vacation, then here are the five top beaches in China to do so.

  • Discovering the wonders of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient healing form that is sophisticated, philosophical, and incredibly fascinating.


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