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  • 5 Reasons You Should Add Tibet to Your Bucket List

    Although Tibet is quite difficult to visit for foreigners because you have to get a special permit or go with a tour group, that is also one of the reasons you should definitely visit...

  • Is there good coffee in Shanghai?

    In a nation of tea drinkers, is there really such a thing as good coffee? Well yes, absolutely! And there's where you can get your cuppa in Shanghai.

  • Jingdezhen, Porcelain Capital

    The streets are cracked and dusty. The hum of churning machinery emanates from every other building. Coolies push bamboo carts stacked heavy with sacks of clay, blue and white Ming vases or Buddha effigies down crowded alleyways. If a shop is not an open-front-workshop it’s a porcelain store brimming with plates, cups and bowls. The clumsy merchandising and sheer quantity of goods bellies the fact Jingdezhen is living breathing history, a place that lays claim to being the porcelain capital of the world, a reputation it established well over a thousand years ago.

  • Top 5 Beaches In China

    Top 5 Beaches In China

    China is not as well known for its beaches as it is for its incredible cuisine, history and incredible landmarks, but that does not mean that the country does not have beautiful beaches. If you’re looking to catch a tan, want to take a dip in either the East or South China Sea or just want to have an oceanside vacation, then here are the five top beaches in China to do so.

  • Discovering the wonders of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient healing form that is sophisticated, philosophical, and incredibly fascinating.

  • Top 5 Day Trips from Shanghai

    There are a lot of different things you can do and see in Shanghai, but if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, here are 5 places you can go in a day from Shanghai.

  • Tea and Wuyi Mountain

    Qing China guarded the secret of tea cultivation closely and no foreigners were allowed to stray from designated treaty ports where tea, as well as porcelain and silk, were traded under close supervision. Then along came Scottish botanist Robert Fortune, a kind of Victorian 007 who was able to infiltrate the Bohea Hills (as Mount Wuyi was known to the West) committing an act of industrial espionage that would change the world – he learned the secrets of tea cultivation and transported the plant to India, thus ending a Chinese monopoly that had persisted for over two millennia.

  • Dishes Every Foodie Should Try In China

    10 Dishes Every Foodie Should Try In China

    Foodies from all around the world flock to China to experience the unique flavors of this incredible country. From the salty yet simple flavors of the north to the hot and spicy flavors of central China, every region has its specific taste which foodies love. If you’re a foodie, here are some of our favorite Chinese dishes from all over the country for you to try.

  • 5 of Shanghai's Best Kept Secrets

    Located on China’s central coast is the massive city of Shanghai. The city is not only the biggest in the country, but is also a global financial hub. With tourists and travelers flocking to the city’s main attractions like the popular Bund, Ya Garden and Xintiandi, the smaller, less popular attractions are often overlooked. These smaller attractions have over the years become some of Shanghai’s best kept secrets.

  • Quanzhou, Mouth of the Maritime Silk Road

    When we think of ancient China, we tend to think of an inward facing culture, an empire possessed by the idea of its own unsurpassable Confucian haughtiness. This is because when Europeans started to arrive in China en masse, Qing China had become a rather xenophobic giant without need for “barbarian inventions” like telescopes or steam engines. When things came to ahead during the first Opium War, China’s fleet of wooden war junks were no match for British gunboats. Little Britain showed Big China that maritime dominion now determined who was boss.

  • Hunan in Five Railway Journeys

    The landlocked province of Hunan in south China is synonymous with hot food and hot-tempered locals. Yet beyond the spicy stereotype, it’s a fantastically diverse place of beguiling red earth hills, misty waterways and prodigious lakes, the banks of which having nurtured some of China’s most celebrated sons and stories. Now the high-speed train is making travel easier than ever. To taste what the lands along the River Xiang have on offer simply hop on and off Harmony Express.

  • 3 Best Hiking and Trekking Experiences in China

    The three best hikes and treks in China that take you to unique and breathtaking landscapes

  • 5 Very Different, But Extremely Beautiful Places In China

    5 Very Different, But Extremely Beautiful Places In China

    Being such a massive country, China has so many diverse landscapes. From stunning rice fields and lush national parks, to quaint old towns and vast mountainous regions, these landscapes are all so different, yet beautiful in their own unique way.

  • The Architectural Heritage of Kaiping

    Arriving in Kaiping, a small, nondescript town on the eastern edge of the industrial Pearl River Delta region, you'd be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss is about...

  • The best dumplings in Shanghai, no doubt!

    Shanghai is home to the finest dumplings in the world. Say hi to Xiao Long Bao and Sheng Jian Bao.


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