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  • 5 feminine products that are hard to find in China

    China is the home of cheap clothing and products, but although it seems like everything is made in China, it may not be readily available in China. So leave a section in your luggage for these 5 feminine products that are hard to find.

  • First Time Travelers To China

    5 Things First Time Travelers To China Need To Know

    ​From the language and culture to the food and festivals, China is a country known for its diversity. With people everywhere, loads of noise and a constant hustle, first time visitors to this country can easily get overwhelmed. Before you land on Chinese soil, here are a few things first time travelers need to know to make your trip to China an awesome one.

  • Eat egg embryo in Nanjing?!?

    Arguably one of the best thing about traveling is eating different and new cuisine! However, would you be up for eating chicken embryo?

  • Top Five Destinations in May

    With the coming of May, the temperature of most parts of China has reached warm level. The best season to visit China is coming. If you have any plans to travel in China, you'd better grasp the right time.


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