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The Mysterious Namsto Lake

Namsto means "heavenly lake". It is one of the three saint lakes of Tibet, covered with a veiling of mystery and sanctity. Namsto Lake occupies a sacred position in the heart of Buddhism followers. In the Tibetan New Year of the Sheep, thousands of pilgrims go there and pray for good fortune. They walk around the lake, spin prayer wheels and chant sutra. 

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There were few tourists visiting north lakeshore of Namtso. Compared to the bustling Zaxi Peninsula, here was more desolate. Standing alone on the lakeside, I was listening to the wind from heaven blowing over my ears. I cannot help but feel a little lonely.

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After a lonely hour, finally here came a Tibetan woman, holding a soft whip and driving a flock of sheep. Perhaps our encounter was meant to be, she gave me a big kind smile, and it haunting me all day.

The grass on the lakeshore has completely turned into yellow. Some SUVs passed me by on the way. Words failed me to describe the beauty here. The unique natural landscape - one of the three holy lakes was worthy of the name. Namtso Lake has a variety of geomorphic features, both the vast grassland and sharp cliffs. In distance, there were the Nyainqentanglao. So fantastic here was, I was too attracted to leave. 

In the local area, I heard of a legend about Namsto and Nyainqentanglao. It is said that Namsto was daughter of God and Nyainqentanglao was her husband. This couple have protected Tibet for thousands of years. Today, Namsto Lake become more charming because of Nyainqentanglao’s reflection and Nyainqentanglao Mountain also looks more splendid with being sorrouded by Namsto.

In Tibet, sometimes I felt so close to the blue sky, but at the same time I felt so small myself. This is the farewell from Namtso Lake. I got too much feeling here, and I wished it were clean, simple and beautiful forever. 

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