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5 Reasons You Should Add Tibet to Your Bucket List

Although Tibet is quite difficult to visit for foreigners because you have to get a special permit or go with a tour group, that is also one of the reasons you should definitely visit. Tibet has an ancient culture that has been preserved for thousands of years, and is so isolated from the rest of the world that they have developed their own unique society, cultures and religions. Many say that Tibet is the last holy land on Earth and is one of the most mysterious on earth. Without further ado, here are 5 reasons you need to go to Tibet before you die.

1) Unique architecture


Source: Tibetanreview

In Tibet you will see some of the world’s most amazing and unique architecture. The architecture shows Tibetans deep roots in Buddhism through a mix of Chinese and Indian styles. Be wowed by the amazing colours and design of Tibetan houses and Temples.

2) Religion in Tibet


Source: Royalmt

One thing you will definitely want to have experience in Tibet is the religion. Tibet has deep roots in Buddhism, as well as many local Tibetan customs and traditions. Visit the many monasteries and temples and chat with the locals who all live by being humble and respecting others. You may also have the opportunity to participate in local public events or prostrations and listen to the loud prayers accompanied by cymbals and gongs.

3) Tibetan Food


Source: Seeraa

When in Tibet, you can’t miss out on all the unique and great food they have to offer. This is one of those cuisines that you can probably never find in other parts of the world! Since Tibet is at such a high altitude their diet consists mainly of dairy products produced by yak cows, meat and barley. Must tries are fried momos which resemble a deep friend dumpling, yak meat wraps, and their amazing milks and yogurts made from yak milk.

4) Festivals

Tibet Thumbnail 3.jpg

Source: Kingofwallpapers

There are many festivals in Tibet that draw tourist in yearly to experience their unique celebrations, here are two that you may have the opportunity to experience. In April and May is the Saga Dawa festival, which celebrates the birth of Sakyamuni, who first lead the teaching of Buddhism, you can come and hang a prayer flag alongside thousands of other and purify your sprint in the Mountains of Kailash. In Amdo and Kham you can experience the horse-racing festival, a long time tradition of the grasslands. 

5) Mount Everest Base Camp

DSC_0592-1024x680-min (1).jpg

Source: Thelandofsnows

Mount Everest, The world’s highest mountain! Although not all of us dare to make the climb up to the peak, which is 29,029 ft above sea level! In Tibet you can get a little taste of this astronomic mountain. There are 2 main entry points for Mount Everest, one on the Nepal side and the other in Tibet. From Tibet you can drive right up to the base camp of Mount Everest and camp there to star gaze, watch the sunset and sunrise over the mountain.

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