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The most beautiful wedding locations in China

Weddings are a big deal in China and often involves the entire extended family, friends from childhood, colleagues and just about anyone that isn’t very relevant. Marriages are by and large still considered a union between two families and not just two individuals, so weddings aren’t that much of a private affair as they are a grand celebration. With the increasing wealth of the middle-class, couples are now spending more to make their wedding an unforgettable one, and this includes the pre-wedding photography-a highly lucrative industry made for couples who want to document their most youthful, loving, and svelte moments.

Want to get married Chinese style? Pick the best locations, get your professional photography crew on board, and start sending out those invitations. 

Picture Perfect Yangshuo and Guilin

the_li_river-min (1).jpg

Image Credit: Wikimedia

Yangshuo and Guilin make for stunning wedding photography that will grace your desktop background long after you’ve forgotten your wedding anniversary. The distinctive karst landforms by the tranquil Li River and Yulong river are both awe-inspiring and poetic at the same time. Get your photographers on board the river cruise or bamboo raft for some of the most enchanting and romantic shots. The Li River is especially captivating as dusk approaches. Fishing lights on the river make for a beautiful atmosphere with the dramatic mountain peaks forming silhouettes.  In the early mornings just after the sun rises, the mist and fog hug the mountains for an ethereal beauty. 

If you’re after exuberant colors, make your way for the Longji Rice Terraces in autumn, which is also the harvest season.

Due to the diverse landscapes and scenery that you can get in Yangshuo and Guilin, you can visit at any time of the year and have an unforgettable pre-wedding honeymoon and photography trip. 

Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Yuanyang Rice Terraces

timg (34).jpg

The Yuanyang Rice Terraces are regularly featured on photography tours to the breathtaking province of Yunnan, China. It's certainly no wonder why, it’s one of the most spectacular rice terraces in the country and was built over a thousand years ago by the Hani minority who earned themselves the title of “Skillful Sculptors” in the Ming Dynasty. This natural sculpture is unique to China and a few Southeast Asian countries and shouldn’t be missed. 


timg (35).jpg

What about taking your wedding photos in ancient cities, and throwing a majestic Chinese wedding banquet in one of the most stunning resorts?

The Old Town of Lijiang had been a significant trading center from the 12th century onward and boasts a unique architectural style that is influenced by the various ethnic groups that live here, including the Han, Tibetan, Bai, and the Naxi. 

The main old town may be a tad touristy nowadays so that you can wander off for a more low-key photoshoot in Baisha and Shuhe without a thousand tourists in your photo frame.

Looking to have a Naxi-style wedding? The Banyan Tree Lijiang could help create a wedding your friends and family will remember for years to come. This includes having a traditional bride’s sedan ride from your villa, a Dong Ba priest and wedding certificate, traditional dance, rice wine, traditional ceremonies and Na Xi wedding dresses for the bride and groom, and even professional photography and videography. It sure doesn’t hurt that the villas are absolutely stunning with spectacular mountains and exquisite architecture. Why not combine your wedding and honeymoon? 

Hutongs and Palaces in Beijing


Image Credit: Wikimedia

Moving up North, Beijing offers you the chance to throw the most fabulous banquets in settings that are majestic, historical, and uniquely Chinese.

Make Hutongs your backdrop for your wedding photos and then get married in one of the most beautiful. Hutongs are a Mongolian invention that dates back to the 13th century. These narrow alleyways of courtyard homes are quintessentially Beijing, and many have since been razed to the ground for modern development.  However, fret not as there are still many well-preserved ones that remain, and you can live in a traditional courtyard home. 

Throw a wedding banquet and live in The Temple, which holds 600 years of history and has seen the comings and goings of prominent Buddhist figures, the Cultural Revolution, and a bike factory.

The Aman Summer Palace is another fabulous choice if your wedding banquet must be fit for royalty. Just steps away from the Summer Palace, Aman offers rooms and suites, some of which were used by guests as they await for an audience with the Empress. If money is no object, your guests would be attending a wedding amidst royal courtyards and gardens. Continue your stay with a honeymoon, and you can even have a private evening stroll and dinner in the Summer Palace when all the tourists have left.  


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