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A Nice Place to Relax---Yangshuo

Travelling is a good for me to relax and set myself free. I spent several days in Yangshuo to have a close to nature. It was a great journey.

The first place I have visited is the Qixianfeng Tea Plantation.

Qixianfeng tea plantation covers an area of thousands of acres, shaped like the Big Dipper stars, is a distinguished place in Yangshuo. Standing on the top of the mountain, you can look out over a superb panorama of the tea plantation. Because the plantation closes to the Lijiang River, the land is full of fog as well as a little rain, which is very suitable for tea growth. Therefore, the tea called Cuiyu is delicious and treasure.


Having a taste of the tea in the plantation, accompanied with spring wind, I really feel relax and free. It is so great! There are girls who are busy plucking the tea. They all dress in a folk style clothes, picking tea sprouts. The green tea garden, surrounded by flowers, mountains, floating clouds and beautiful girls, forms a vivid picture, making your heart free and peace.


Xianggong Hill

It is a good place to see fantastic mountain and river views.

When I climbed the stairs to the top of the hill, I have an awesome view of the sunrise. The scenery is really shocked me for that I never see such view before. Looking ahead, we can see the Lijiang River. The hill might be the best setting for photographer to take the best angle of the LI River.

Without doubt, one of the highlights of my trips to Yangshuo was hiking up this hill and having the view of Li River and the surrounding areas from the top!


Ancient Stone City

The stone city is surrounded by mountains, which is a strategically and difficult to access. It is used to a hotly contested spot in the ancient military. Since Qin Emperor conquest the south of the Five Ridges, he had called many skilled craftsman from Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi Province to build the stone city for a long time. I have spent a couple of hours exploring and photographing this ancient village and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There were very few people present and it was a wonderful contrast to see the modern brick farm houses next to the ancient stone structures. You'll enjoy this diversion. 


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